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Your Guide to Getting Through a Bridal Show the Right Way!

Your Guide to Getting Through a Bridal Show the Right Way!

Get the most from bridal showsA bridal show is much like Candy Land for a brand new bride. When at one of these shows you will be introduced to a whole new world of bridal! You will get to see a variety of vendors, different types of wedding dresses and you will even get to sample food. You can easily spend a day at one of these shows, but how do you remember everything? Instead of coming home with your head spinning over everything you saw; you might want to plan ahead of time.

Bridal Show Guide


The internet is your friend (especially when getting married) and you have to take advantage of it when it comes to going to a bridal show. Most shows are going to have information readily available online. This will include a list of all vendors that are going to be there. So, once you have this list, you need to research each of the vendors separately. This is going to take some time and some companies will not have websites, but you should be able to get a lot of information. As you run through the list of vendors and their websites, you should write down those that appeal to you the most.

Map Out a Plan

If available on the bridal show website, you need to download a map of the venue. After this, you can map out the spots where the vendors you want to see are going to be. This can save you time and ensure that you see all of the vendors you want without having to sift through those that you don't like. There's no reason to spend a lot of time talking to vendors that you're not interested in booking services with.

Think of Questions

You won't go deep into conversation when you meet with vendors, but you should have at least a few questions prepared to start. This will give you a good idea of who can meet your needs on your wedding day, which is why you go to these shows in the first place! If you don't have a very good memory (and who does when it comes to overwhelming wedding information), then write down the answers. A lot of brides do this and then go home to look over everything they compiled from the day.  It also never hurts to ask for discount from vendors such as the wedding dress preservation coupon you'll find on our site.

Dress Correctly

Sure, those heels look killer on your tootsies, but can you walk all day in them? If your feet start to hurt you will end up wanting to leave early, which basically wastes the time it took you to travel there. You should also wear comfortable clothing that breathes and allows you to move. Be practical and wear something you would wear if you were going to be running errands all day.

Don't Bring a Crowd

Try to leave your kids and your friends that don't like all that wedding stuff at home. Generally just one person, like your maid of honor or hubby to be, should be the person going with you. They will be able to give you their opinion and offer advice about things you are considering. Having the perfect person there can make the experience fun and a lot more enjoyable than it would be if you were alone or with the wrong person.

Appeal to your Interests

Don't waste time at vendors that you will never book. Instead, go to vendors that really have something to offer you and your wedding interests. You will have hundreds of stations to go to, so time is not on your side! Even minutes at just a few wrong booths could cause you to miss out on things you really want to see.

Enjoy your Time

Your wedding is a time for fun, joy, love and....okay, stress. Just make sure you keep that stress to a minimum and enjoy having fun when you can. Bridal shows are meant to show brides everything there is to offer in the area where they live. Be lighthearted and keep an open mind so you have a great time and remember the experience for life! This will also ensure you don't leave early and end up being frustrated over everything you still need to figure out. You may even want to visit more than one bridal show; you shouldn't have limits!  Ready to get started?  Click here to find an upcoming bridal show near you.