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So, What is the Point of Preserving Your Wedding Dress Anyways?

So, What is the Point of Preserving Your Wedding Dress Anyways?

When you think about the word “preservation” you may think about an artifact you’d find locked behind glass in the Smithsonian, or that furniture set in your Aunt Edna’s living room that is eternally wrapped in plastic, making obscene noises whenever you change positions.  While these items are treated in a way in which they will last in pristine condition for as long as possible, the reason brides have their wedding dress preserved can be very diverse and be a choice which may have an immediate impact today as well as many years into the future. 

We surveyed our loyal customers to get a better idea of why women across America made the decision to have their wedding dresses cleaned and preserved and some very common themes emerged.  Let’s start from the most popular reasons why our brides made the choice to have their wedding dresses professionally cleaned and preserved.

point of preserving a wedding dress - share with children

Reason #1: To Ensure Your Wedding Dress will be Able to be Shared with Future Generations as a Memory

The fact of the matter is if your wedding dress is left untreated after your wedding day is over, the delicate fabrics in your wedding dress such as silk, taffeta, and chiffon begin to yellow in just a short 6-months.  There is absolutely no getting around this as the yellowing is a result of the natural breakdown of the organic fabrics at a molecular level.  Yay science! 

In addition to overall fabric yellowing, both visible and invisible stains on your wedding dress that occurred on your wedding day will become even more yellowed, eventually turning an unsightly brown and black color if not immediately treated and removed.  Invisible stains on your wedding dress are most commonly makeup, perfume spray, deodorant, and food and beverage stains such as icing and white wine.  When stains get to the point of becoming brown and black, the process is known as “fabric scorching” which often is accompanied by irreversible fabric rot.

Our patented cleaning and preservation process removes all visible and invisible stains from your wedding dress and prevents future fabric yellowing.  We’re so confident in this process that we’ve gone beyond your typical lifetime guarantee to provide our customers with a 100-year anti-yellowing guarantee from the day your dress is returned to you looking just as it did the day of your first fitting.

point of preserving a wedding dress - wear it again

Reason #2: To Give Your Children the Heartwarming Opportunity to Re-wear Your Timeless Wedding Dress in Their Own Wedding

We can’t tell you how many wedding gown restorations we’ve performed throughout the years for brides who wished to honor the memory of their mother or grandmother by wearing their vintage wedding dress in her own wedding.  There is no better compliment to your timeless sense of style than a family member re-wearing your vintage wedding dress on their own special day.  By having your wedding gown professionally cleaned and preserved, you’re ensuring your dress will be in perfect and pristine condition should the opportunity one day arise.

Not in love with your grandmothers’ style?  A talented seamstress can take your vintage wedding dress and add modern day stylings that honor her memory while adding your own personal taste and stylings.  Mignonette Reutiliser is one such company that specializes in transforming vintage wedding gowns into modern masterpieces while paying homage to the memory of a loved one.

point of preserving a wedding dress - future re-purposing

Reason #3: To Allow Your Future Generations to Re-purpose Your Wedding Dress into Something Special

While not as high on our list of reasons why brides choose to have their wedding gowns cleaned and preserved, some acknowledged that while their wedding dress may not be worn again, it may be repurposed one day into something beautiful that has a tremendous amount of sentimental value behind it.  Cleaning and preserving your wedding dress prevents the whites from yellowing and delicate fabrics from decaying into complete disrepair.

Some brides have repurposed a family heirloom wedding dress into a baptismal gown for a child, a coin purse for their wedding day, and others have even incorporated portions of a family wedding dress into their own wedding gown with some skilled tailoring.   

point of preserving a wedding dress - retain its value for resale

Reason #4: To Retain its Value Should You Choose to Sell, Consign, or Donate Your Gown in the Future

The final reason many brides choose to have their wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved is to give themselves the option of selling their wedding dress should they one day choose to.  With fabrics beginning to yellow just a few months after your wedding day, the salability of your gown begins to diminish quickly after your wedding day is over.  Having your wedding dress cleaned and preserved with a well knows preservationist can increase its value up to 80% on the second market should you decide to sell it.

There are also many nonprofit organizations that will gladly accept your wedding dress for a bride in need if you’re not sure what to do with your wedding dress after your wedding.  Nearly all these organizations require your dress to be at least professionally cleaned before accepting your donation, which not only makes you feel good knowing you’re making the world a better place but can also benefit you in being a tax-deductible donation.

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Your Dress Was an Investment and Having it Cleaned and Preserved Ensures that Investment Regardless of what You Plan to do with it

In our survey, we found that even if a bride hasn’t yet decided if she wants to have children to pass her dress down to or if she wants to part with it, she decided to have her wedding dress cleaned and preserved simply as an insurance policy.   With wedding dresses ranging in price from $800 all the way up to $4,500 and more for designer gowns, the small price to have her wedding dress cleaned and preserved is insignificant compared to allowing this investment to become yellowed and stained in the back of the closet.

By having her dress cleaned and preserved, a new bride is giving herself the opportunity to keep her gown as a living memory of her most perfect day and even be worn again as a special tribute to her timeless style.