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The Wedding Photoshop Trend : Becoming a Dinosaur or Still Going Strong?

The Wedding Photoshop Trend : Becoming a Dinosaur or Still Going Strong?

Photo Credit: Quinn Miller

Photoshop: It’s the best way to get thin and gorgeous while eating all the ice cream you want. In all seriousness, let’s be honest here. When people utilize the all-empowering photoshop for their wedding photos, it’s to make sure they look flawless. Goodbye random breakout and red cheeks. Hello thinner thighs and arms. Look at that new nose – okay, that’ a bit much, but you get what I’m saying. Brides work hard to look good on their wedding day, and the hope is that they won’t need any touching up or enhancements to look even better.

Photoshop is definitely not new. It’s been around for ages, and it’s most commonly used in places such as Hollywood, when magazine editors want us all to feel horrible about our natural looks and our natural bodies by removing any and all trace of imperfection on all celebrities and models that grace their covers and pages. It’s used for getting rid of wrinkles, under-eye puffiness and bags (I’ll take two, please) and that little bit of extra skin here and there. The truth is, we all look less than perfect sometimes, and we’d all like that changed. But the new trend involving photoshop and your wedding is going to make you wonder why couples aren’t just photoshopping themselves into sexiness anymore.

Today, however, more brides and grooms are using photoshop than ever before. Not to make themselves look better, though. They’re using photoshop to incorporate crazy accessories into their photos. The biggest trend at the moment is the dinosaur. For some reason unbeknownst to many soon-to-be married brides and us long-married couples (never once have my husband and I looked back on our almost decade-old wedding photos and said with dismay, “I really wish we’d have photoshopped that T-Rex in the background of our wedding photos”), many people are now making their bridal party take photos running through parks with horrified looks on their faces (my best guess is that these horrified looks stem from the actual request) so they can photoshop Jaws or some other giant creature into their wedding photos.

And that’s mommy and daddy on their wedding day, being chased by a T-Rex through the park, sweetheart,” is going to throw kids on your ages, I’m just going to point that out.

The excitement and the interest in this is baffling. But some couples love it. They thrive on it. Some couples even photoshop celebrities right into their wedding photos (no really, George, Amal and I are like, super close! You didn’t know?!). The trend is fairly new, and it’s growing rapidly. With so much to choose from to put into your picture, it’s kind of a competition for the people of the internet to see how crazy and viral they can make their wedding photos with photoshop.

After all is said and done this trend is silly and we admit... kind of fun.  So let's embrace this photoshop trend while it's still around and have some fun with it.  Here are a few suggestions you can use to make sure your own wedding photos are even crazier than those of your friends (because pictures of you exchanging your vows and enjoying time with your loved ones simply isn’t what you want to remember about your wedding day):

Hagrid’s Spiders

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, it would only make sense to take a photo of your entire bridal party running through the woods while Hagrid’s giant spider friends (and he thinks they’re so friendly) chase you with hungry looks on their really unattractive faces. It’s going to make a great over-the-mantle photo in your new house.

Kim Kardashian

She’s everywhere now, so why shouldn’t everywhere include your wedding photos. It only makes sense that when you look back on your wedding photos you remember that time you were not hanging out at your wedding with the most questionably famous celebutante in the world, not talking about Kanye and his questionable diatribes or her personal decision to name her baby North West.


Because if you’re going to photoshop something into your wedding photos, it should be something dangerous, scary and completely inappropriate. It’s totally memorable and your kids are going to think it’s so cool you didn’t become impaled on something really cool that day a giant tornado didn’t rip through your wedding venue. You get bonus points if you make it a shark-nado and toss Tara Reid into the shot.

Ok, ok... back to reality.  How about if we take pictures of... wait for it...

Smiling Happy People

Come on! It’s your wedding day! Let’s take photos of really interesting and pertinent things, like invisible dinosaurs in the park, not you and your new spouse smiling from ear to ear on the happiest day of your life. Geez. People came to your wedding to sit for hours at an empty reception waiting to eat and drinking heavily on empty stomachs while you and your bridal party are out and about staging and taking crazy photos you can hang on your wall one day in an effort to terrify your children and perplex your guests.

In all seriousness, it is perfectly awesome to have a little fun with your wedding photos to make them unique and completely awesome. Just don’t let the trend of photoshopping the entire picture detract from your most special memories of your big day. You only get married once (well, that’s what most people hope for anyways...), but you have the rest of your life to run from man-eating creatures in the park.