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Wedding Makeup Tips From Experts to Get You Through the Day

Wedding Makeup Tips From Experts to Get You Through the Day

We live in a world where we can snap a quick picture, check it out and decide it’s awful enough for a retake all in five seconds flat. It’s the beauty of a digital cameras, phones and technology as a whole. We don’t want anyone taking photos of us that might not look amazing, and that might make us look a little bit less than perfect since we know they are all going to end up on the internet to begin with. Fortunately, there are filters, and settings and even blocks we can add to our social media accounts that allow us to say, “Um, no,” when someone tries to tag us in one of those awful photos.

What happens on your wedding day, however, when you’re not snapping selfies and checking them out? Hundreds of your closest friends and family members are all snapping photos of you left and right, and your photographer is certainly not stopping after every snap to allow you a change to approve or deny the photo from her cache. You get what you get, but you definitely do not want to get wedding photos that leave you feeling that you did not look your best on your wedding day.

The problem is that many brides think that their everyday makeup routine is sufficient for their wedding day. After all, even Kate Middleton did her own makeup on her wedding day to marry Prince William (she’s probably the most naturally gorgeous woman on the planet, though, so we aren’t even sure she counts). You see, your everyday makeup might look fabulous in that iPhone selfie, but it might not translate so well with professional photography, from far away, from closer up, in the heat, in the rain, in the humidity or in the dim lighting of your venue. Additionally, it might not be enough to actually last all day long; you might start off gorgeous and end up looking mostly homeless (no, really, you’re gorgeous and you could never look awful) by the end of the night.

Your wedding day makeup needs to be a whole new level, and it needs to be something special. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t really think that through, though. We have some seriously amazing wedding makeup advice that is going to change the game for you on your wedding day. You’re going to be gorgeous – more so than usual – and you’re going to thank us for making sure you don’t even need a filter on your wedding photos. This is probably the best (and most vain) advice you’ll receive prior to your big day.

Before the Big Day

  •   Opt for a makeup trial – The best piece of advice we can give you prior to your wedding day is that you have a professional makeup trial done a few weeks prior to the wedding. This allows you enough time to see if you the makeup look you’re going for is actually going to work for you, and it allows you to see how well it photographs, how good you feel and how it makes you look. You do know that sometimes a supermodel can pull off turquoise glitter on her eyes like she was born a mermaid, but that you might end up looking less mermaid-like and more like someone who works a pole for a living. You want to see what you look like well in advance so you have time to change it up if need be.
  •   Wear a white shirt to your trial – The best piece of advice I ever received as a bride was to wear a while tee shirt to my makeup trial so I could see how well it looked paired with my makeup. Whatever color you are wearing on your wedding day needs to be what you wear to your trial so you can see how you look. I, for one, do not always look so good in white when I pair it with my favored classic red lips, and my white tee on the day of my trial reminded me that it makes me look a little bit pale with my then-dark hair and fair skin. I was able to change it up and look far less severe and far more feminine because of the contrast.
  •   Get a trial spray tan – We know that many brides want to be tan and gorgeous on their wedding day, so get a trial spray tan before you go in for your makeup trial. Think about it; you don’t want to go into the trial and find the makeup that looks amazing on you only to realize it no longer looks as good or even matches well when you have that tan just before the big day. Get the tan in advance so you can see the big picture before you go into your trial.
  •   Buy the makeup – There will be brides or friends or family who tell you that you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new makeup for your wedding day, but we disagree. Even if you plan on having your makeup professionally done by the same person who does your trial and you know she has all the makeup with her, you still want a few of the pieces for your own collection. For instance, if she does your makeup with her makeup, who is going to reapply your lipstick throughout the day for photos if she takes it home with her once her work is complete? Things like that and your eyeliner and the powder she uses to remove shine might be the items you want to purchase to keep handy throughout the day on your wedding day.

The Week of Your Wedding

  •   Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – We are not going to insult your intelligence by telling you that you should be drinking water like it’s going out of style every single day of your life, but we will remind you not to forget to hydrate the week of your wedding. It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself when you are so busy, so excited, so stressed and just overall crazed during the week. You’re going to forget to do thinks like eat, or calm down or relax, but don’t forget to hydrate. You need that water to keep you healthy, and to keep your skin looking beautiful and amazing. The more water you drink, the more your skin will glow, the healthier it will look and the better you will feel.
  •   Don’t make any major changes to your beauty routine – If you always get a facial and you know that it’s going to make your skin look healthier and more radiant than ever within two days, do it. If you’ve never had a facial before, the week of your wedding is not a good time to start. You don’t know how your skin will react, whether it will cause you to break out or if your skin will turn red and irritated and not calm down before the big day. Your wedding week is not the best time to start making changes to your beauty routine. Stick with what you know since you know how it will turn out that week. Don’t do anything you don’t normally do, and don’t decide that now is the best time to try out any new beauty products; it’s not.
  •   Don’t stress too much – All right, we know that’s a lot easier said than it is done, but we have to mention it. This is a day you want to go off without a hitch, we know. However, life is imperfect, and you are imperfect and other people are imperfect. When you spend too much time stressed over how everything will play out – especially when you’ve already done all you can to control the outcome – you are not doing yourself any favors. Your stress level can cause you to break out, to become dehydrated, your skin might become irritated, or you might not sleep well. This can all have a very negative effect on your skin, and you don’t want to do that.

The Day Of Your Wedding

  •   Exfoliate – Please don’t use anything you’ve never used before on your face. We know you exfoliate every week, so make that this morning. Do it in the shower first thing in the morning so that you can unclog your pores. When you’re done, zap your face with ice cold water to shrink your newly unclogged pores and make sure your face looks as radiant as ever. It’s important to do this on the morning of so that you are working with the best version of you possible.
  •   Drink water – Have we already pointed out more than once that it’s a great idea to drink some water? Perhaps, but we have to say it again. For one, we know you’re going to be indulging in a few mimosas. We want you to stop with those and start with water. You can have the mimosas, but take our advice and don’t have too many. You don’t want to be drunk, for one. Secondly, you do want to remain hydrated throughout the day. You’re probably donning a gown that is heavy and a little hot, you’re going to be dancing, your nerves are shot, and you will be excited and running on sheer adrenaline all day long. You don’t want to pass out, and being dehydrated can only make that more likely to occur.
  •   Take your time – Remember to allow your makeup artist plenty of time on your wedding day. The last thing you want to do is allow her very little time at all and feel as if she has to rush to get your face looking as it should before you walk down the aisle. Give her at least an hour to work on you so that there is time to fix any mistakes, to allow for additional coverage as it is needed to allow your photographer to snap photos of the process. Some of them might need to be slightly staged, so you want to be sure you have time for all of that.
  •   Wear a shirt you can unbutton – It is the simplest thing to do, but it is one that many brides forget to do. On the day of your wedding, either get naked and wear a robe, or wear a shirt that you can unzip, unbutton or a tank or dress you can shimmy off down your legs rather than over your head. For one, you don’t want to mess up your wedding hair. Secondly, you certainly do not want to mess up your wedding makeup by accidentally rubbing your face with a top as you take it off.
  •   Don’t obsess – Now that you are gorgeous, don’t spend the entire day obsessing over your face. Check on it before you enter the reception and any time you have to do any of the important stuff, such as cutting the cake where photos are very likely to be numerous. There is no need to spend the entire night checking your face when you use good quality makeup. You can, however, ask a bridesmaid to be your makeup girl and have her keep an eye out so she can let you know if she thinks you might need to reapply your lipstick at any point or if she notices that your makeup seems to be sweating off or looking less than ideal.

Post Wedding

  •   Now that your amazing day is over, did you stop to think where your beautiful make-up may have ended up?  One of the most common stains that cause yellow spotting on a wedding dress are makeup stains.  Be sure to order your wedding dress preservation package after your amazing day is over to be sure the beautiful makeup from your wedding day is captured in photos and not on your wedding dress.

Your wedding day is probably the one day you want to look more beautiful than ever, and no one can blame you for that. Don’t stress, calm down, relax and let these small pieces of advice work to your advantage throughout the day. You will be beautiful, and it will have absolutely nothing to do with your makeup, if you want our honest opinion.