Wedding Gown Restoration Kit

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Wedding Gown Restoration Kit

Bridal Shop Price: $299.00
Online Price: $280.00
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90-Day Return Policy
100 Year Warranty
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  Why Do More Brides Restore With Us?

  • FREE 2-Way Secured Shipping of Your Gown
  • $500 Wedding Gown Insurance Included
  • Preserve 5 Additional Items FREE (Veil, Garter, etc.)
  • Exclusive Museum Grade Cleaning Technology
  • LifetimePlus+ Guarantee Against Future Yellowing
  • No-hassle Full Refund Policy if You Don't Preserve

Is your vintage wedding dress in the back of the closet feeling neglected? The Wedding Gown Restoration Kit has helped past brides across the nation take their gowns from the back of the closet into family heirloom status, even if they thought their gown might be too yellowed and stained beyond all hope! Remember, stains on delicate fabrics become more damaging and set-in over time. Ordering today ensures a restored memory that will last a lifetime!

Most Trusted

The only restoration & preservation service trusted by over 3 million brides.

Free Shipping

Every kit ships absolutely FREE to us and back to your home.


We guarantee our restoration package is the lowest price available.

90-Day Returns

Our "No Questions Asked" 90-day return policy makes our kit a great gift for a wedding or anniversary.

The Wedding Gown Restoration Kit is the nation's #1 top selling service for brides to have their wedding gowns professionally cleaned and restored to their original beauty. Our proprietary blend of natural cleaning solutions and delicate fabric cleaning techniques remove stains and yellowing that you may have thought would never come out. Our low price includes sales tax and also includes complimentary 2-way shipping of your wedding dress to the Wedding Gown Preservation Company to receive its museum quality restoration. Also included is $500 of insurance for the trip to ensure your gown is safe at all times.

Wedding Dress Restoration Kit
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Your Museum-Quality Wedding Dress Restoration Includes:

  •   Every gown is painstakingly restored by hand
  •   Includes removal of yellowing and staining
  •   (LifeTime+) 100 Year Guarantee Against Future Yellowing
  •   Complimentary 2-way Shipping
  •   Beautiful Embossed Preservation Chest with Viewing Window
  •   $500 Shipping Insurance
  •   Acid Free Tissue Paper & Preservation Bust to Maintain Form
  •   White Glove Test to Inspect Your Museum Grade Restoration
  •   Access to GownTracker™ to Track the Process of your Restoration 24/7

1. Place Your Secure Order With Us

After you order your packing and shipping kit will arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 business days.

2. Package Your Gown in Our Secure Shipping Container

Your kit will contain everything you need to securely pack your gown in our crushproof shipping container. You will also recieve shipping labels and included $500 shipping insurance.

3. Your Gown is Checked into Our System

When your gown arrives at the preservation facility it is given a unique tracking number and a thorough inspection for stains, tears, and loose stitching or beading. Your unique barcode allows you to track your gown as it is being cleaned and restored to its original beauty.

4. Your Gown Receives a Museum Quality Cleaning & Restoration

Your gown receives a meticulous museum quality cleaning and restoration all perfomed by hand by our on-staff fabric experts. The last step protects your fabric from future yellowing and will also help protect your gown if is worn again. Your gown and up to 5 additional accessories are then carefully placed on a preservation bust and packaged into your beautiful restoration chest.

5. Your Beautifully Restored Gown Arrives Back to Your Home

Your gown is then safely and securely shipped back to your home with a 100 year certificate of guarantee against future yellowing or staining. You get the peace-of-mind in knowing your dress has become a treasured family heirloom to be enjoyed by future generations.

  1. Wedding Gown Restoration Kit review from Donna
    DonnaBinghamton, NY

    I was originally married in 1979 and I always meant to have my dress cleaned after my wedding. As time passed my daughters came to love my wedding dress and begged to wear it to play dress up. Needless to say, my wedding dress became one of their favorite dress up outfits and I felt their joy was worth the risk the chance of my gown being ruined. 30 years later my daughter surprised me with the Wedding Gown Restoration Kit and I couldn't believe my wedding gown that I thought was a lost cause could have ever been brought back to its original beauty. The transformation was amazing and I can't thank their team enough for bringing my gown back to life after all these years.

Can I return my Restoration Kit if I decide not to use it?
Of course! If you purchased your Restoration Kit as a gift or for yourself and you or the recipient end up not using it, you can contact us to let us know and you will receive a 100% refund on your order. There is no need to return the box or its contents, however, the order number will be de-activated from our system making it unavailable to use in the future. It's that easy!
Is my dress safe during the shipping process?
We've taken every step available to make sure your gown is safe and secure as it is shipped to our facility and back to your home. The finished kit requires a signature from a resident of your home and each kit comes with shipping insurance included to keep your mind at ease. For as long as we've been the #1 online retailer of the Wedding Gown Restoration Kit, we've never had a gown lost in transit. Over 3,000,000 brides can attest to the safety of our time-proven process while saving hundreds of dollars at the same time.
How do I add extra insurance?
When you receive your kit you'll find paperwork inside that will allow you to add any extra amount of insurance you'd like which will be in addition to the included insurance that comes with your order ($500). Extra insurance is $2.00 for each $100 of extra insurance you'd like to add.
What does the 100 yr. warranty cover?
The 100 year warranty protects your gown against future yellowing for 100 years. In the event that you feel your dress has yellowed, the Wedding Gown Preservation Company will re-clean and preserve your gown at no cost to you.
Can I have my preserved dress sent to a different address?
Sure! When you receive your kit you'll have paperwork that will allow you to specify a different address to have your finished dress sent to on the return trip.
Will my dress fit in the display box?
Yes, there are three different sizes of boxes ranging from small to large which will accomodate any size dress.
What happens if you can't get a stain out?
It is very unlikely that we find a stain that cannot be treated. In the event that we do we will contact you with a variety of options on how we can proceed with the stain.