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Is Wedding Gown Preservation Safe For My Dress?

Is Wedding Gown Preservation Safe For My Dress?

This is perhaps the most asked question we get here at and rightfully so. We understand that a bride’s gown is most likely the most treasured item from her wedding day (aside from her significant other, of course) and one that she’ll want to keep to pass down to her children or grandchildren one day. While the idea of boxing it up and sending it to a company can sound daunting, we’ve ironed out the details to make sure that every dress that arrives for preservation has a strict step-by-step process to ensure safe arrival and tracking at the preservation facility. 

In short, wedding gown preservation is safe for your dress if brought in or sent in to an experienced preservationist where their staff is highly trained and certified in the identification, treatment and handling of the delicate organic fabrics commonly found in modern wedding dress.

Below is a list of steps we take to help ensure the safe keeping of your gown in our hands.

Included Shipping Insurance – Both the Traditional Kit and the Celebrity Kit include insurance to protect your gown as it is shipped both to and from the preservation studio. We have two levels of insurance ranging from $500 to $1500 depending on the value of your gown. If you have a more expensive designer gown, be sure to choose the Celebrity Wedding Gown Preservation Kit.

Crush-Proof, Waterproof Shipping Container– We utilize only the highest quality shipping containers to send your dress to us and for the trip back to your home. This heavy gauge shipping box can withstand just about any worst-case shipping scenario and is lined to protect you kit, and your precious gown, from moisture.

Gown Check-in System – Using tags and scanners your gown goes through an initial check in which allows your gown to be tagged for the duration of the time it is in the preservation studio. At each station such as the pressing station or boxing station, your gown is scanned to track progress as it moves along in the processing.

GownTracker™ – Using our GownTracker system on our website or our Facebook Application, you can check on the status of your gown in real time as it’s processed. We welcome you to track your gown 24/7 as it is being preserved from check-in to check-out.

UV Protected Viewing Window – Unlike many preservation companies, our preservation box features a viewing window so you can be sure your gown received a quality preservation and you can of course show off your gown without ever unsealing the box!

Gentle Cleaning with Fabric Safe Formulas – We know you don’t like harmful chemicals and neither do we. We use natural formulas to gently clean any stains on your gown and use methods that are safe for even the most delicate materials.

100 Year Warranty – We’re the only company that offers a 100 year warranty on your preservation. For those counting that’s more than a lifetime warranty and it’s just one more way we stand by our process and our results. The care and safety of your wedding dress is of the most importance to the team here at

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Whether you’re getting ready to head out of town on your honeymoon or if your gown has been hanging in your closet for a few years, you can have your gown preserved today and rest easy in knowing it’s getting a museum quality preservation.