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7 Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2013

7 Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2013

tips on wedding dress styles for 2013It's 2013 and fashion is more popular than it's ever been. While most women are thinking about which heels are hot for the summer or which top to wear with their skirt, brides have other things on their minds. Fortunately fashion trends don't stop when it comes to wedding dresses. In fact, there are actually different trends in dresses that are popular for 2013!

If you're searching for your wedding dress and are a fashionista at heart, then these trends might be worth looking into. Since they are popular right now, you will probably be able to easily find them, but expect to pay more for designer labels! Here are the current wedding dress trends that you just might want to take part in:

1. Vintage Dresses

It seems that vintage dresses never go out of style and that is still the case today. If you love the old-time glamor of Hollywood or just enjoy the vintage look, then these dresses are pretty easy to find. The best part is that you don't necessarily have to search at thrift stores to find them. There are a lot of designers that make dresses to look vintage, but they are actually brand new!  Check out more fun vintage dress ideas that are trending on pinterest.

2. Sheer Overlay Dress

Sheer overlays are sexy, pretty and very romantic. These are being seen all over the runway and are perfect choices for brides who love femininity. If you don't know what an overlay is, it's basically a piece of fabric that goes over the dress. With one that is sheer, you would be able to see the actual wedding dress underneath it.

3. Peplum Skirt

If you've been in any clothing store lately then you've probably already seen peplum skirts and dresses. The peplum design is basically a gathered piece of fabric that goes around the waist, but it's actually attached to the dress or skirt. This can cover up a lot of imperfections and give you a nice silhouette. Wedding dresses are now in with this trend, so expect to see them all over the place when you are dress shopping.

4. Lace Fabric

Lace is perfect for brides because it's romantic, delicate, feminine and beautiful. It's also available in a lot of different designs, so any bride can find something that perfectly fits her shape and style. If you choose to do lace, then make sure you look for something that you can take care of. This fabric can tear easily, but it's sure beautiful to wear when walking down the aisle.

You can find lace that covers your entire body, certain parts of the dress or that is mixed with any other fabric. This means there are tons of designs out there that anyone can appreciate. You may even be able to find it in different colors!

5. Floral Dress

You're probably completely sick of the subject of flowers, but floral dresses are all the rage right now. These are beautiful as well as feminine and can work well with any type of bride. There are some floral designs that are outrageous and out there, but there are also those that are toned down and elegant.

Whether you like flowers on the neckline, on the bodice or on the skirt, there is a dress design for you. There are tons of designers out there that have made gorgeous floral gowns!

6. Illusion Neckline

The illusion neckline is one that makes any bride look trendy, sophisticated and beautiful. It's basically a neckline that is made with a sheer fabric, which means you will be able to see through it. These wedding dresses come in tons of different styles and designs, so any woman should be able to find something she likes. There are illusion necklines with rhinestones, flowers, lace and tons of other things on them.

7. Color

While in the past it might have been unusual for brides to wear color, this is no longer the case. One of the most popular colors for 2013 wedding dresses is blush! While this may not be a crazy color, it is definitely not traditional white. It looks great with different types of skin tones and can be found in a lot of different designs and styles.

Whether you're a bride who wants to be fashion forward or you like something that is more traditional, there is a dress out there for you. These are just the styles that are popular right now, but they are sure to change in the future.  Regardless of which style you choose you'll know the best decision you can make for your dress is to have it cleaned and preserved by the leading online wedding dress preservation company.