Wedding Gown Restoration Gallery

Over the years the Wedding Gown Preservation Company has seen hundreds of thousands of gowns come through it's doors. Some of the wedding dresses have lightly yellowed with age, others have been nearly ruined from flooded basements or home fires. Regardless of the amount of damage each dress has incurred, it's their goal to make sure every dress that leaves our facility comes back to each bride looking like it did the day they had their first fitting at the bridal boutique. We understand that your wedding dress is the single most important keepsake from your wedding day and viewing your dress brings back that flood of precious memories from your wedding day.

Below is a gallery of a few of the most difficult cleanings and restorations that have come through the doors of the Wedding Gown Preservation Company in recent years. If they can work these miracles with these gowns, imagine what we can do for yours!