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The Essential Guide to Wedding Dress Preservation and Why it is Worth Considering for Your Dress

The Essential Guide to Wedding Dress Preservation and Why it is Worth Considering for Your Dress

Is gown preservation worth it?

Your amazing day was even more dreamy than you ever could have imagined.  Now you’re back from your honeymoon, you opened all your gifts, wrote and sent out thank you cards, and now you’ve finally plopped yourself down on the couch to take a breather.  But before you get too comfortable… you’re going to have to make some big decisions about the one standout item from your big day – your wedding dress. Yes, that’s right, your wedding dress. Even if you were fortunate enough to avoid all grass stains, dirt stains, floor stains, wine, makeup, lipstick, sweat, deodorant, and dinner stains, your dress needs to be professionally cleaned. Whether you’re keeping it for your own sentimental purposes or you’re keeping it for your daughter or granddaughter, cleaning and preserving your gown is essential to keep it prestine over the years.

With online wedding dress preservation services, it’s never been easier to have your wedding gown professionally cleaned and preserved – without ever having to leave your home. If you’ve never heard of this type of online service, don’t worry. We’ll help you understand everything you need to know about this state-of-the-art service and the technology and techniques that make wedding gown cleaning and preservation more affordable and more attainable for every bride.

So, What Exactly is Wedding Dress Preservation?

In short, wedding gown preservation is the process of having your wedding gown professionally cleaned and preserved using museum grade cleaning agents and techniques that results in a guarantee against  your gown from yellowing and staining in the future. 

Every wedding gown is uniquely different, which is why each gown must be carefully examined for staining and every fabric making up your dress carefully cataloged with a plan of action for treatment. This treatment plan is dependent on the type of gown, the designer, the material, the embellishments, the color, and so much more.

wedding dress stain-cleaning

The first part of the process is deep cleaning.  Even if you didn’t bring home any noticeable stains, even the simplest and tiniest particles can discolor and ruin your dress over time. For example, did you know that the materials in your deodorant, – even though they’re invisible – can stain your gown over time? The same with your own perspiration (and we know you had at least one bout of nervous anticipation!). Once a professional has had a chance to examine and catalog your gown, a custom plan is created for the team of cleaning experts. This plan is designed to ensure your gown is cleaned thoroughly and effectively, and ensures it’s also done in a way that allows your gown to maintain its integrity.

long term wedding dress storage

Once your gown is cleaned, the team of professionals will carefully place your wedding gown on a preservation bust, which is then placed in an acid-free preservation box designed for long-term storage.  This is not just any box, however. It’s a box that is the same quality as those used in museums to preserve and maintain the integrity of artifacts and historical pieces. This is what works best on gowns, and your gown is just as important to you as anything you’ll ever find in a museum.

Is Wedding Dress Preservation Really Worth it?

Maybe your gown has been sitting around a while, hanging in your closet or maybe you just purchased your wedding dress in anticipation of your upcoming big day.  The question is not whether it’s worth it to preserve your gown but rather is it worth the chance that your gown may end up yellowed, stained and fray if you don’t have it preserved?  Let’s jump into a few reasons why wedding dress preservation is worth the effort and the worth the small price:

Wedding Gowns are Made from the Most Delicate Materials

Let’s face it, wedding dresses aren’t exactly built for wear and tear.  With most gowns being constructed from materials such as lace, taffeta, and silk, it’s important that your gown is properly stored over the years.  Leaving your gown hanging in the closet for years is one of the most damaging places you can store your gown.  Material gets stretched and damaged around the hanger and material can get frayed or damaged as the gown is brushed against and moved around.  By storing your gown in a proper preservation box, seated on a bust to keep the gown’s original form, you are protecting those delicate materials from wear and tear as your dress ages over the years.

To Create a Living Family Heirloom that can One Day be Worn Again

Wedding dress styles have a tendency to come and go out of style over the years.  From plunging neck lines to sleeves to bustles, the current “in” style tends to come around full circle.  Wouldn’t it be great if when your daughter or granddaughter’s big day came around, the dress you wore on your wedding would be back in style?  What better way for them to honor you on their wedding day by wearing the same gown that you were married in.  Having your gown cleaned and preserved is the only way to be sure your gown looks just as beautiful on their wedding day as it did for yours.

Air Doesn't Cause Wedding Gowns to Yellow, Stains Do

One of the top reasons for the yellowing of wedding gowns as they’re stored over time is due to untreated stains over time.  Out of all the stains you can get on your wedding dress, sugar is by far the most damaging.  The compounds found in sugar cause the fibers in your dress to break down, giving the fabric a “yellowed” appearance over time.  Other stains that can cause wedding dress yellowing include sweat stains, grass stains and other food related stains such as oil.  Regardless of how you store your gown for the long term, failing to have your gown properly cleaned before storage can mean disaster for your dress years down the road.

It’s Never Been More Affordable to Have Your Wedding Dress Professionally Cleaned and Preserved

About 20 or so years ago, wedding dress preservation was reserved for the upper class as the process required special machines not normally provided by local dry cleaners.  With the advent of the internet and mail-in wedding dress preservation the service has been made available to all at a very affordable price.  Mail-in preservation is safe, insured and guaranteed for over 100 years.  Preserving your dress with a mail-in service will still save you $100’s off having your gown preserved locally and in many cases local dry cleaners will outsource their cleaning to the same service online companies use with a steep markup.

Is it Too Late to Have My Wedding Dress Preserved?

This is probably the most common question we receive from brides whether they were married one year earlier, or if their wedding day was 30 or more years in the past. The simple answer to this frequently asked question is it is never too late to have your wedding dress preserved, however, having your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved soon after your wedding allows for much less stress on the delicate fabrics of your wedding gown. This will allow your wedding dress to last much longer than our included 100-year anti-yellowing and anti-staining guarantee.

If left untreated after your wedding day, the delicate fabrics your wedding dress was lovingly crafted from will begin to yellow in just six months or less. In one year or less, those invisible stains from your wedding day - such as perspiration, deodorant, white wine, perfume, and more, will begin to become unsightly, dark stains. As yellowing and staining begin to become deeply set in to those delicate fabrics, more cleaning agents and processing will be necessary to remove them. This is why we highly recommend having your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved within a month of your wedding day. If you have an antique or heirloom wedding dress, don’t fret. Our Wedding Dress Restoration Service has perfectly preserved wedding gowns that are well over 100 years old.

Preserve Your Wedding Dress Today!

What are you waiting for?  Give yourself and your family the gift of a beautiful heirloom to pass down through the generations by having your wedding gown cleaned and preserved.