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DIY Wedding Dress Options You Can Create!

DIY Wedding Dress Options You Can Create!

Create your own DIY wedding dress!Wedding dresses are beautiful and special, but that shouldn't mean having to take out a second mortgage just to afford one. Instead of spending all of your heard earned cash on a dress that someone else made, why not make your own? Believe it or not, DIY dresses are more popular than ever and can easily be made by those who are willing to get crafty.   In fact we've cleaned and preserved quite a few DIY wedding dresses in the past for brides and we've been thoroughly impressed at the craftsmanship and care that are put into their one-of-a-kind creations!

1. Start From Scratch

If you really are a bride who wants to do it all herself, then making your own dress from scratch is a great option. There are a lot of different dress patterns you can find at craft stores as well as online. But, if you want to make your dress a reality, you will need a lot more tools. This means a sewing machine, thread, the right type of fabric and all the other tools that are necessary to make a dress.

It will take a long time to make a dress from just a pattern alone, but it will result in having a dress that nobody else in the universe has! Just make sure you start this ahead of time and use the internet as one of your major resources. There are tons of websites dedicated to dress creation that even have forums with members who can help you out.

2. Give Life to a New Dress

Have you come across a dress you absolutely love, but there is something about it that you don't like? Well, instead of passing this by, get it! You can easily breathe new life into a dress and turn it into something all your own. For example, you could add tulle to the bottom of a dress to make it more like a ball gown. Or you could even shorten a dress so it's more casual.

If you aren't able to do these things on your own, then you better find a good seamstress in your area. This professional can make just about anything happen as long as you give them enough time to do so. Your ideas with a dress can come to life, but you have to make sure you use a pro who can actually help you get to the end result that you want.

A lot of brides are choosing to give dresses new lives because it can save them so much money. For example, some brides use their mother's wedding dress and simply have it changed to be the way they would like. A lot of alterations can be made to create a dress that really fits your every desire.

3. It's All in the Details

So you've found a dress that you love, but it doesn't exactly have enough "umph" to it. Instead of letting this dress slip through your fingers, why not dress it up with some amazing accessories? You can even add accessories that you make on your own, which is going to save you some serious cash and result in you looking simply amazing.

For example, if want to have a beautiful belt on your dress, then make one! You can do this by using online tutorials to create a belt that looks just the way you want it to. There are directions for lace, rhinestone, glitter and even silk belts that you can easily use. You will have to make several trips to the craft store, but the materials for these are easy to find.

You could also add in rhinestones to the dress, have a custom embroidery put on or do a number of other things to make it look special and unique. You might be surprised at how even the smallest of details make a big impact with the overall way a dress looks. Use the internet for inspiration, there are a lot of crafty people out there who have shared their DIY journeys through blogs.

Your DIY Dress

Once you pull together all of the resources that are out there, you will find that it's not that difficult to do a DIY dress. The best part about one of these is that you will be the only one who has it. Other people who like what you did will only be able to hope that they could be so creative when it comes to their dress!

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