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Treating Your Wedding Dress as a Long Term Investment

Treating Your Wedding Dress as a Long Term Investment

Investments.  We make a lot of them in life whether it’s investing for retirement, investing in an appliance for our home or investing ourselves into relationships.  In writing this post we e-mailed investment advisor Thomas Gasper of Raleigh NC based investment firm TRG Capital to ask what his definition of an investment is to which he replied “An asset or product that is purchased with the hope that it will generate positive income or appreciate in the future”.  Marriage itself is perhaps the biggest investment you’ll make into your future with the appreciation coming in the form of children, financial security and most importantly, happiness.  Under the category of marriage is another investment you may not have thought about, the investment you’ll make in one item most of your guests will remember from your big day, your wedding gown.

The Biggest Emotional and Financial Investment from Your Wedding Day

A recent survey from 2013 indicated the average bride spent $1,281 on her wedding dress which shows us that nearly half of all brides married in 2013 spent over $1,200 on what, for most brides, is the single biggest keepsake from their big day.  Now, think about some other $1200 investments the typical newlywed will make during her first year of marriage… a kitchen appliance or two, home furnishings, clothing… would any newlywed in her right mind not take care of those investments so they last well into the future?  Of course not.  The stove is kept clean and spotless, the furnishings are vacuumed and fluffed once a week and that little black dress is carefully stored to get the most wear from it as possible.  On that same note, why would a bride not take a few minutes and properly care for one of the biggest emotional and financial investments of her wedding day?

Protecting Your Investment for the Future

While you may not realize it, the majority of wedding gowns become stained during the fast and furious events of a wedding day.  There is dirt on the hemline from the dance floor, grass stains from an outdoor photo session, icing from when your significant other playfully stuffed wedding cake into your mouth (even though you probably made them promise not to!) and of course, oil from body sweat.  Whether you can see them or not (most are not visible to the naked eye) these stains will turn into yellowed, ugly stains as they are left untreated and neglected over the years. 

Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Wedding Dress as an Investment

  1. Your Dress May Choose to be Worn Again by a Loved One
    If you’re one of those smart brides that choose a timeless and classic wedding dress that only gets more classy as the years go by then good for you!  We’ve cleaned and preserved thousands of gowns for brides just like you that know one day their daughter or granddaughter will have the opportunity to show her family that she too has a timeless sense of style by choosing to wear your classically styled gown on her wedding day.
  2. You May Wish to Share Your Memory with a Loved One
    When you have a daughter or granddaughter of your own would you want to share the memories of your day by showing them a yellowed, worn out dress or would you rather share a beautifully preserved gown in its own display case, looking just as it did the moment your friends, family and the amazing person you were about to marry saw you in it for the first time?  Our SYSTEMK4 cleaning process goes far beyond what your local dry cleaner can offer by pro-actively treating your gown so that it is protect from future yellowing.
  3. You May Want to sell it One Day
    Wedding dresses are one of the few clothing items that don’t lose value as much as others garments.  It’s a no-brainer that a dress that has been cleaned with state of the art cleaning technology and preserved in a beautiful display chest will help you sell your dress for even more than you bargained for.  In that sense, having your gown cleaned and preserved can very well pay for itself if your plan is to one day cash in on your investment.
  4. You May Decide One Day to Donate it
    Nothing makes you feel better than donating your dress to a bride in need.  We’ve cleaned and preserved many gowns for countless brides that have then donated their wedding dress to an organization that matches deserving brides with the perfect dress to bring them happiness and joy.  We’ve even helped brides that regretted jumping onto the “trash your dress” trend that have in turn donated their gown to a bride in need.

We hope by now we’ve convinced you that you should treat your dress as more of a long term investment rather than a one-time indulgence.  Regardless of whether you have your dress properly cared for due to sentimental reasons, future financial gain, or if you are being socially responsible with a heartfelt donation, this big investment from your wedding day can pay off in more ways than one.