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Stress Free Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Any Budget

Stress Free Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Any Budget

make your wedding dress shopping experience worry free!Walking into a wedding gown store can feel like walking into an endless sea of white dresses. Not only are there thousands of different dresses at most stores, there are also tons of different styles and sizes. This can be extremely exciting, but also overwhelming. Many brides find that their excitement fades soon after they walk through the third or fourth aisle of dresses. While choosing a wedding dress is really important, it doesn't have to be down-trodden with stress. You can make your shopping experience better if you just know how to shop the right way!

1. Budget

Every single bride needs to set a budget before she steps foot inside of that bridal store. Not doing so can result in extreme depression over not being able to buy a dress or extreme debt from buying a dress that you can't afford! Although there certainly are a lot of beautiful dresses out there that cost a lot, there are also affordable dresses that still look good. Set your budget, but don't forget that you have to include alterations and accessories in with this. Alterations can be extremely expensive, especially if you are looking to have a lot of things done to the gown.

2. Shopping

There are a lot of different stores that sell wedding dresses all around the country. Instead of mapping out two or three stores that you're going to shop at, just go to one! Going to more than one store can result in finding more dresses that you like, which can make it tough to decide on just one. Research different stores online to see if they have dresses you by designers you tend to like. Doing this will result in not having to worry about going to a store that won't have anything to offer. Tip: Have a backup store in your mind just in case you don't find a dress at your #1 store choice. Chances are high you won't need it, but it will be nice to have for unexpected occasions.

Also make sure you make an appointment with the store you plan on going to. While some stores are fine with walk-in clients, this isn't the case with all of them. If you want personalized service and someone there to help you out, an appointment is absolutely necessary. Most of the time these will last for an hour or two before, which is enough time for the majority of brides to find a dress.

3. Friends and Family

Bringing your friends and family with you is important when you're trying on dresses. They can offer their opinion and help you make this really big decision. While you should have a few people there with you; do NOT bring your entire family! Too many opinions can easily turn this occasion into a stress fest. Even just one person not liking a dress that everyone else does could cause you to over-think what you're wearing and what you plan on buying. Most brides bring their mom, maid of honor and close friend or sister with them. This is enough people to help with the decision, but not so many that you will become overwhelmed.

4. Sizing

A lot of brides are shocked to find that their dress size is bigger than other sizes they normally wear. For example, a bride who normally wears size 8 might be a 14 in wedding dresses. Getting measured ahead of time will result in trying on dresses that fit instead of those that are too constricting. Wedding dresses run small with virtually every designer that makes them. There is no reason to feel bad about this, it's just a number! Trying on dresses that are too small will only waste time and result in the bride feeling sad.

5. Style

There are a wide variety of styles of wedding dresses available for brides of all sizes. Look around online or in wedding magazines before you go shopping to get an idea of what you like. If you're still undecided by the time you arrive, try on different options. This will help you narrow down the style that looks best on your body and find something that flatters your figure the most.

Wedding dress shopping should be fun, exciting and something you remember forever. If you use these tips while shopping the entire experience will be better than you ever thought possible!