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Must Read Tips to Make Your Spring Wedding Day Perfect

Must Read Tips to Make Your Spring Wedding Day Perfect

Flowers are blooming everywhere, the weather is nothing short of perfect and love is certainly in the air; it’s spring, and it’s one of the most popular times of the year to get married. If you’re planning a spring wedding, welcome to the club of spring weddings. Some might call it cliché – but you only have four seasons to choose from, so how it’s cliché is beyond me – but a spring wedding is idyllic. It’s lovely, soft and oh-so feminine. Many believe that spring is the official start of wedding season, but it’s actually summer than brings on the official start of this season. We don’t care, though; spring is here and there is nothing more romantic than this time of year to plan a wedding.

With that in mind, let’s discuss spring wedding planning. For many, the idea of planning a wedding is essentially the same all year. Pick a venue, buy a dress, invite some people, stare at the price with a bit of shock, book a honeymoon, exchange your vows and off you go; except that it’s not always like that. Sure, most of those things are essential when planning any wedding, but there are a few rules to follow when it comes to planning a spring wedding, specifically. We just know you don’t want to miss these pieces of very valuable advice from wedding experts everywhere, either.

Don't Procrastinate, Book Early!

We now know that summer is officially wedding season and spring is not actually the start of the nuptial season. However, that does not mean that you’re the only person getting married this time of year. Plenty of other couples recognize the gorgeous beauty of spring and look to wed this time of year, too. Time is of the essence, and not something you can wait on. Book your venue and your vendors as soon as possible, and remember that certain weekends are likely to be more expensive or difficult to book than others. Additionally, remember that holidays such as spring break make it more difficult to find hotel rooms for some guests, and it often makes flights and hotels more expensive – and you certainly don’t want to hang out with a bunch of college spring break kids on your honeymoon, do you?

Another consideration is Easter, which is a holiday many people will not want to travel for. Think ahead and plan accordingly for weekends that are already busy, a little expensive and not always convenient for everyone. Sure, it’s your day; but don’t you want people to be there to celebrate with you?

It's Spring... Go Bold!

Here’s the deal with spring. So many people assume the best way to get married in spring is to use soft, pastel colors. We disagree. There’s nothing wrong with a lovely peach or a light pink, a sky blue or a lovely shade of lavender. Those are our favorite Easter colors, but we also think that spring is the perfect time for vibrant beauty in the form of bold colors. Think fuschia and bold sunshine yellow. Go lime green (maybe don’t go with lime green, but you see what we mean when we say bold, right?) or choose a gorgeous sapphire blue to pair with softer colors. Tangerine and bright pink are favorites this time of year, too.

 If you are not certain what bold colors might look wonderful during your spring wedding, allow us to recommend that you allow nature to inspire you. Take a walk through the nearest garden. Go for a walk through your neighborhood and see what’s blooming and how landscapers chose colors that might not make much sense in your mind but look breathtaking in person. It might not sound all that appealing in writing, but I assure you in person some of the most amazing color palettes for spring are the ones you least expect. Let nature do its thing and inspire you to see bold, beautiful colors where you least expect.

Choose the Right Venue

I know, I know; this goes without saying. However, I’m saying it. Choose a venue with both indoor and outdoor locations so that you’re good to go in case the weather has other plans for you. Even if you live somewhere that spring is more like summer and the weather is always beautiful, you just never know. We’re big fans of being safe instead of sorry, so that means choosing a venue in which you can run indoors at the last possible moment if Mother Nature decides rain is in the forecast the day of your ceremony.

Something else to consider on this topic is the condition of the ground if you choose to wed outdoors. Even if it doesn’t rain the day of your wedding, rain on the days leading up to your wedding could have a negative impact on the ground at your venue causing mud and other issues that aren’t conducive for a wedding. You don’t want those chairs sinking into soggy wet grass on a golf course or your beautiful white dress turning victim to mud, do you? Always have a back-up location indoors at the venue so you don’t have to wonder what you will do in case of rain.

Layers Are Everything

There’s just nothing more we can say during spring than you have to be very careful what the weather might do to you. Take Floridians for example. It might be 85 degrees on a Sunday in March and only be 58 on Monday thanks to a rain storm and a quick cold front. Even when you think you know what to expect, you probably don’t know what to expect. Layers are a perfect solution this time of year since you don’t want to your bridal party (or yourself) to freeze to death in strapless gowns, but you also don’t want anyone sweating in long sleeves.

Bridal salons might have a few options for you to choose from. Perhaps a light jacket with long sleeves, a wrap or even a dress with a long-sleeve cover you can put on in case it is cold. Lace is always beautiful if you’re going with this option. Your bridal party might choose fun wraps that work well with their gowns, too. One suggestion we love, too, is a pretty blazer over a bridesmaid gown. It’s still formal and fun, but it’s also warm and weather-appropriate. It’ll go well with the groomsmen and it will look stunning on film when your photographer gets to work taking photos so that you can remember your wedding day for the rest of your life.

It May Sound Expected, But Go Seasonal

This is not really so much a spring related tip as it is an every season tip, but it works in spring, too. When it comes to choosing your flowers, your food and your décor, think in-season. Spring weddings using spring flowers will be far more affordable than a throwing a lavish winter wonderland wedding in April. I can assure you that your florist is going to charge you far more to find poinsettias this time of year than she is in December, and no one is going to be able to find eggnog to serve at the bar in April. Additionally, you’re not going to find many pumpkin-related items for a fall-theme wedding in March, and that will make your entire wedding day that much more expensive.

By embracing the spring season and all that it has to offer, you’re making your wedding day that much more affordable for all. We love affordable weddings that are beautiful and romantic, and this is the perfect time of year to create that type of atmosphere every single time.