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Simple Things You Can Do Every Day for a More Positive Marriage

Simple Things You Can Do Every Day for a More Positive Marriage

Divorce, rates are beyond ridiculous at the moment, and it’s causing a lot of couples to make the decision to skip the altar and just live together. That’s all fine and dandy for those who want it, but the current divorce rate should have no bearing on your own marriage. You, my friends, are not statistics. You are people and you have your own thoughts and your own strengths and weaknesses, and you can make your marriage work. After all, you certainly do not go into your marriage wondering what your second marriage will be like, do you? No, you don’t. Marriage is not about being a perfect spouse, never arguing and always being happy. Marriage is about being two people who come together because they love and respect and enjoy one another, and it’s about hard work and dedication. Marriage is not always easy, but it’s certainly not difficult unless you choose to make it difficult. In fact, if you spend your days doing just a few thoughtful little things for your spouse, you can actually make marriage quite simple.

No, you’re not going to live in perfect harmony forever. He’s going to drive you nuts, she’s going to keep piling trash in the can even though there’s not even enough space for air to get in there and you’re going to argue. But then you’re going to make up and you’re going to sit on the couch, binge watch Scandal on Netflix and not care that you’re both double-dipping in the pint of ice cream you didn’t even bother to put in bowls. It’s what marriage is all about. And we have some very simple tips that you can apply to your marriage every single day that will make sure it’s better more than it’s worse. Now that is what a good marriage is all about. There’s plenty of worse in life that is completely out of your control, but you can control all the better, and that’s important.

Smile and Maintain Eye Contact

When your spouse is home from work, go ahead and give him a smile and make eye contact with him while you greet him. It’s not a big deal, it doesn’t feel like anything spectacular and it’s probably not even going to make a noticeable difference in your day. But it’s going to make a huge difference in his. When you stop saying “Hey,” from the kitchen while making dinner and talking to your boss on the phone about some big project when he comes home, he’s going to feel more important. He’s going to feel that you are excited to see him and that you can’t wait for this time of day every day. Even if you’re in a terrible mood and haven’t a second to spare because you’re so busy, take the 20 seconds to greet him with a smile and eye contact. It’s really that simple.

Do Something Unexpected

If your spouse is busy or stressed or even if he’s having a great day, do something unexpected every day. Change the trash bag yourself, even if it’s not something you like to do. Put a note in his lunch box or brief case for him to find. Tell him you think he’s handsome as he’s leaving. Grab him  and give him a kiss bigger than you normally would when he walks in the door or when he’s leaving in the morning. Just do something he doesn’t expect that will make him smile. It not only makes him feel good, it also sets a good example. When he realizes how good it makes him feel, he’s going to want to return the favor by doing the same for you.

Get Active

It’s not much, but it’s so much at the same time. Living an active lifestyle is a great way to improve so many things in your life. For example, being active can lower your stress level and make you feel happier. It gets you outside in the fresh air and sunlight, both of which are good for your body and your mind. And it makes you healthy. It helps you lose weight and stay in shape, it makes you feel good about yourself, and it’s fun. When you do something active together, it makes you feel closer. It also makes you healthier and happier, and that’s something that everyone in your family benefits from.

Spend Time Apart

Okay, so this is not what you’re expecting, and it’s not something that you might want to do every single day. But here is the deal; when you spend some time to yourself each evening or morning or day, you will both be happier to be together. So many couples are afraid to spend time apart at night or in the morning because they spend time apart all day, but that’s for work. When you spend time apart to do something you enjoy, you are both making yourselves happy. You have to be happy with yourselves if you want to be happy together. So don’t be afraid to go read your book on the back porch while he catches up on sports. Just give yourselves a time limit so you don’t end up apart all the time, and then you’ll be so much happier and less stressed.

Give Compliments

If you give just one compliment a day to your spouse, you’ll both be happy and feel good. But why stop at one? We aren’t suggesting that you go out of your way to compliment everything he does, but we do thing you should issue a compliment each time it’s warranted. If you think he looks sexy in the kitchen cooking dinner, tell him. If you think he did a great job with something around the house, mention it. Even if you’re mad at him and wish he would stop talking for a few minutes, find something you can compliment so that it will diffuse the situation and remind you both that you’re on the same team. Just make sure your compliment is sincere or it will sound forced and awkward, and it will not have the intended effect.