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Should You Have Your Vintage Wedding Dress Restored?

Should You Have Your Vintage Wedding Dress Restored?

It happens every day across America, especially in more recent times when we’re all inside more than we’ve ever been in our lifetimes.  You’re in the attic, finally cleaning out bins, boxes, and chests that have been long neglected.  Suddenly, you come across a long forgotten memory, your mothers or grandmothers wedding dress.  Your memories of this beautiful wedding gown is formed from old black and white photos that hang in the living room of your home and now there it is, it’s delicate lace and satin held in your hands.  The question now is what to do with this special family memento of an unbridled love from the past?

What is Wedding Dress Restoration?

Wedding dress restoration is the process of restoring a wedding gown that was purchased and worn 15 or more years ago.  Why 15 years or more?  Wedding dresses, especially older gowns, are comprised of extremely delicate natural fabrics which, at a microscopic level, begin to break down over time.  Certain environmental factors, such as where the vintage gown was stored, can increase the amount of fabric degradation over time. 

For instance, vintage wedding gowns stored in the attic can suffer from dry rot, where the delicate fibers begin to break down due to mold damage caused by humidity.  Wedding gown restoration is essentially the reversal of this damage while treating the gown with special solvents so it can be enjoyed for an additional 100 years.  What happens after the 100 year warranty expires?  By having your vintage wedding dress restored, your children and their children can have the gown restored again to keep it as a family memory to be continually passes down from generation to generation.

vintage wedding gown restoration before

70 Year Old Wedding Dress Before Restoration

vintage wedding gown restoration after

70 Year Old Wedding Dress After Restoration

What Happens to Your Vintage Wedding Dress When it is Restored?

When you send us your vintage wedding gown for restoration, the first task on our team’s list is an extremely thorough examination of your wedding gown.  During that process we identify weak points in your gown, stains, degrees of yellowing, and fabric identification.  We then formulate a plan at the various cleaning and preservation stations at our facility so that each phase of the cleaning and restoration process work together in harmony for a perfect restoration of your vintage wedding gown.

After the cleaning and restoration is completed, your gown is carefully placed on our custom bust we developed in-house that keeps the shape of your gown as it rests in the display box.  Your gown is then placed in our beautiful display box which is then placed in our heavy duty cardboard storage box which is designed for long term storage.  The skirt and train of your gown is gently hand press and specially placed in the display box by our highly trained fabric experts to ensure there are no creases or folds in your gown.   Your storage box is then placed in yet another, more heavy duty, corrugated, crush-proof, and water resistant shipping container for the final trip back to your home.

Chemical Free Wedding Dress Restoration

Unlike your local neighborhood dry cleaner around the corner, our process is chemical free with only natural, organic solvents being used in the cleaning and restoration process.  These solvents, part of the state of the art SYSTEMK2 fabric cleaning process, are 100% environmentally friendly and even more effective than harsh cleaning agents such as PERC. 

vintage wedding gown restoration process

Our Vintage Wedding Dress Preservation Process Focuses on Attention to Detail

The intricate cleaning process consists of 3 main natural solvents that all work together to restore your wedding dress. 

PRENNETK4 – The Brushing Agent

When a deep, set-in stain is identified, PRENNETK4 is utilized along with our custom built brushes and tools to delicately remove the stain.  This solvent is unscented and VOC-free which makes it perfect for effectively removing a variety of stains ranging from body oils to food stains.

CLIPK4 – Detergent Concentrate

CLIPK4 is a natural cleaning agent that is highly concentrated and helps whites become whiter and is also safe for colored fabrics, breathing life and vibrance back into colors.  CLIPK4 is also the secret ingredient in what allows us to offer our customers an industry leading 100 year warranty against any future yellowing of your gown.

VINOYK4 – Stain Repellent

The other key ingredient in successfully restoring your vintage wedding gown is VINOYK4, the agent that prevents future staining and repels water as your gown rests in it’s display box after it is restored and returned to your home.

Is Mail-Order Wedding Gown Restoration Safe For Your Gown?

Our mail order process is 100% safe for your vintage wedding dress.  In the entire time we’ve been restoring vintage wedding gowns, we’ve never had a wedding gown lost in the mail.  From our in-house tracking system to requiring your finished wedding gown to be signed for, we’ve taken every step to ensure your gown is safe and secure from the moment it leaves your home to when it arrives back to your doorstep looking like it did when it was first worn on that special day.  For additional peace of mind, your vintage wedding dress restoration comes with $500 dollar shipping insurance so you can relax as your gown is being restored back to its original brilliance.

Is There Ever a Case Where a Vintage Wedding Gown Can’t be Restored?

While our team can work magic on even the most yellowed and stained vintage wedding gowns, there are instances where a gown may be too damaged to be restored.  Extreme dry rot is an instance where we may not be able to bring your dress back from the grave.  If the fabric in your gown is beginning to fall apart in your hands, causing small holes and leaving tiny white fibers on your hands after handling it, it may be too far gone to be restored.  If you’re on the fence about having your gown restored or if you think it may be too far damaged to be restored, send it in to us for an examination.  It is well worth the small expense and time it takes to know whether this priceless memento can be brought back to life to be enjoyed by future generations.

Our 100 Year Wedding Gown Restoration Warranty

Rather than a typical lifetime guarantee that other companies offer, we offer an industry-leading 100 year warranty that beings from the day your restored gown arrives back to your home.  If you restore your grandmother’s wedding gown when you’re 40 years old, your restored family heirloom is guaranteed not to yellow or stain until you’re 140 years old!  Our warranty is just a frame of reference which means your gown will most likely not yellow or stain for much longer than 100 years and can always be re-restored after that date to ensure another 100 years of being passed down and enjoyed by future generations.

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late, Have Your Wedding Dress Restored by Our Experts Today

If you’ve been putting off having your vintage family wedding dress restored, there’s never been a better time than now to take action.  The sooner you have your gown examined by our restoration experts, the quicker we can take action to keep this priceless family memory safe and ready to be enjoyed and passed down to future generations.

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