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5 Fun Seasonal Ideas to Make your Fall Wedding Memorable

5 Fun Seasonal Ideas to Make your Fall Wedding Memorable

Fall is undoubtedly a special time of year. Dazzling warm colors of spicy oranges, deep reds, forest greens, and earthy browns can be seen everywhere when summer transitions into autumn. If you are planning a fall wedding, make your big day special by decorating it with the rustic warmth of the season. Mentioned below are some seasonal ideas that are likely to make your wedding memorable:


Think of the storybook fall settings for perfect weddings such as inns, old mills, barns, and ancient churches. A fall wedding may be elegant and casual at the same time, if set properly in a spectacular old barn. Look for places with a beautiful view of fall foliage. Places with apple orchards or vineyards will make a perfect venue. If the leaves don't change color in the area where you live, opt for a venue having luxuriant dark wood, such as university club or gentleman's club. A fireplace will add the extra special touch to the entire setting.

The Décor and Wedding Flowers

Decorate the entrance with corn or wheat sheaths to add warmth to the location. Make the room attractive by choosing either luxurious jewel tones, or the traditional fall color schemes, such as oranges, browns, reds and yellows. If you want to make you wedding contemporary, use chocolate brown color scheme with light blue accents. Fill up the room with bounties of the season - cornucopias, pumpkins, acorns, and gourds. Jack-o-lanterns with attractive, decorative patterns will add an interesting affect.

When it comes to wedding flowers, roses, daisies, mums and tallow berries are some beautiful options for fall weddings. Dried wheat and fall leaves are two most inexpensive choices for fall events. A wheat spray and/or a pheasant feather accented mum will make an exceptional boutonnière. You can use hollow pumpkins for the centerpiece containers. There are many craft stores selling fake pumpkins that look realistic and work amazingly well.

Fall Wedding Attire

An autumn/fall bride should opt for a cream or off-white gown with gold beading. Jewel tone dresses are perfect for bridesmaids. Match the bridesmaids' dresses to the groomsmen's vests for an elegant effect. Rich fabrics, such as velvets and brocades must be used. Fall season is usually unpredictable. Therefore, strapless dresses with stoles or caplets are recommended. You will be able to remove the over-layer easily on a warm day, but would not be left shivering and shaking on a chilly day.

Menu and Wedding Cake

Roasted turkey and pumpkin pie are considered as traditional fall dinner and dessert respectively. However, you have countless other options to consider. From pomegranate glazed turkey to roasted quail, you can choose almost anything for dinner. Select a hearty meat that can pair well with the heavier side dishes, like mashed potatoes and/or squash. A mushroom ragout is ideal for fall and provides your vegetarian guests a nice entrée. Start the meal by serving a hearty soup in a hollowed pumpkin to celebrate the spirit of the season. Whole grain roles work extremely well with the soup. Delicious apple cider served in mugs with cinnamon stirrer will undoubtedly win the hearts of your guests.

An apple dessert is an incredible alternative to a fall wedding cake. However, if you want to serve a wedding cake, spiced chocolate cake will go well with your autumn theme. A tempting chocolate cake garnished with marzipan fruit is perfect for your fall wedding. People not interested in wedding cakes can omit it altogether and serve their guests pumpkin bread, and pecan or apple pie.

Wedding Favors

Give a favor that suits the season, for example a bottle of maple syrup, or an apple tied with golden ribbon. Caramel apples wrapped securely in cellophane make an amazing favor. You can also give your guests DIY kit of caramel apple recipe along with full ingredients they are going to need - some caramel, a perfect apple, and a Popsicle stick. Help your guests embellish for the fall by giving them tiny pumpkins, or an ornamental corn ear tied with a pretty ribbon and some wheat. Marzipan fruit also makes a wonderful wedding favor. You can also give your guests a jar filled with homemade preserves, if you are crafty.

Make your fall wedding perfect with rustic accessories and magnificent colors!