how wedding dress preservation works

Over 100 years in business has allowed the Wedding Gown Preservation Company to fine tune the process of preserving wedding dresses.  Your gown receives only the best treatment and care the moment it ships from your front door to the preservation facility.  From the caring staff to the specialized technology built specifically to clean and preserve dresses, you can be assured that your memory will be perfectly preserved and suspended in time to be enjoyed by future generations.

Ordering Your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

Ordering Your Kit

Ordering your kit couldn't be easier.  Simply choose from the traditional wedding gown preservation kit or the celebrity wedding gown preservation kit (recommended for dresses over $700) on our website and add to your order.  Shipping is fast and free. 
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Sending in Your Wedding Gown for Preservation

Packaging and Shipping Your Gown to Us

After ordering your wedding gown preservation kit you'll receive the initial packaging in 5-7 days.  This packaging consists of a heavy grade shipping box, shipping tape, stain stickers and a preservation bag along with the paper work and prepaid shipping label neccesary for your gown's trip to the preservation facility.
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Arrival at the dress preservation facility

Arrival at Our Facility

When your gown arrives at the preservation facility, it's treated like royalty.  Your gown is logged into our system so you can track the preservation process as your gown is placed on a custom german built racking system to begin it's journey to being perfectly preserved.
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Wedding Dress Cleaning

Gentle Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has invested in top of the line SYSTEMK4 cleaning equipment designed exclusively to treat the delicately fabrics found in wedding gowns.    This step ensures all dirt, grass and sugar strains are removed from your gown to prevent any yellowing down the road.
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Wedding Gown Hemming and Beading

Gown Hemming and Beading Repairs

The on-staff hemming and beading experts are highly trained seamstress' who have years of experience in altering and repairing the most delicate of wedding gowns.  Every seam and stitch is examined to make sure nothing occurred on your big day that might compromise the integrity of your dress in the future.
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Sending your preserved gown back to you

The Return Trip

After your gown is persevered and placed in the preservation box, your finished display box is placed in a water proof, crush proof shipping container as it's prepared for it's return trip to your doorstep.  You can choose to sign for your dress if your concerned with the shipping company leaving it on your door step.  Your gown is now ready for future generations to enjoy!
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