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Learn About Our Wedding Dress Display Box

Our wedding dress preservation chest was born after years of researching delicate fabrics, how they breathe, and how best to protect them against future yellowing and degradation. The result of this intense study has resulted in the nation's most trusted wedding dress display box, protecting your beautiful wedding dress while allowing your loved ones, and future generations, to cherish your gorgeous wedding dress through the display window.

wedding dress preservation display box construction
Premium Display Box Construction

Our wedding dress display box is sourced from ultra-premium materials. While other preservation companies use cheap cardboard with a gloss white coating, our lignin-free, acid free preservation chest is made with quality materials throughout. This is to ensure absolutely no chemicals are leached into your gown over the decades as your wedding dress rest in the display box. Inferior boxes can cause overall yellowing from chemical leach and what is called “spot scorching” (or browning) where your wedding dress makes contact with the box. Our commitment to only using acid-free materials throughout the composition of our display box ensures your dress lives up to our industry leading 100-year anti-yellowing & anti-staining guarantee. This guarantee is a promise that your wedding dress will remain as beautiful in 100 years as it was when it arrived back to your home after being professionally cleaned and preserved.

wedding gown preservation tissue paper
Acid-free & Lignin-free Tissue Paper

To protect your wedding dress and keep it from shifting around in the display box, we utilize premium tissue paper in packaging your dress. After experimenting with many different types of tissue paper, we discovered a museum-quality brand that is manufactured to the highest standards with only the best materials. We want only the best for our brides which is illustrated throughout our wedding dress display box.

wedding dress box viewing window
UV-coated Viewing Window

Unlike other wedding dress preservation companies, we want our brides to be able to view the meticulous efforts we put into restoring your wedding gown back to its original beauty. We’ve heard horror stories (many we’ve fixed through our wedding dress restoration service) about brides opening their fully enclosed preservation chest from other companies, only to find their wedding dress yellowed, and sometimes, badly stained from a poor cleaning process. Don’t take our word for it! You can inspect your beautiful wedding dress anytime you wish with through the viewing window. This UV-coated PET viewing window is safe for your wedding gown and will protect it from the damage UV-rays can cause to the delicate fabrics of your wedding dress.

wedding dress display chest preservation bust
High Quality Preservation Bust

Apart from yellowing or staining, another factor that can cause permanent damage to your wedding dress is permanent pleating caused by fabric folds. To ensure this won’t happen to your beautiful gown, we’ve developed an acid-free preservation bust to keep the shape of your wedding dress in the preservation chest. Our boxing team is highly trained on every make and style of gown to ensure your dress remains perfectly free of pleats and will one day be ready to be worn again if a loved one should choose to.

wedding dress box sizes
Multiple Wedding Dress Display Box Sizes

We understand that not every wedding dress is a one-size-fits-all design. That is why we’ve taken all the premium materials you’ve been reading about, and developed three sizes of preservation chest that will accommodate any size wedding dress. From a sleek, mermaid style wedding dress, to a ruffled, blooming Quinceañera dress, we’ve yet to come across a wedding dress or ball gown that won’t fit into one of our custom sized wedding dress preservation chests.

wedding dress display chest storage box
Wedding Dress Preservation Chest Storage Box

To ensure your wedding dress stays in pristine condition inside the wedding dress display box, an additional high quality, heavy duty corrugated cardboard storage box is provided to house and protect your wedding dress display box. This keeps little hands, spills, sunlight, and other “oopsies” away from your display chest. Proper wedding dress storage is the key to our 100 year warranty and we've perfected our storage chest to keep your gown looking beautiful.

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