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You Paid How Much To Have Your Wedding Dress Preserved?!?

You Paid How Much To Have Your Wedding Dress Preserved?!?

What Questions to ask to make sure you’re not Overpaying for Your Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Service

Lately we’ve been hearing quite a lot from brides who have discovered our service after being sold a cleaning and preservation plan by their local bridal boutique or corner dry cleaning service.  It always makes us disappointed to learn that newlyweds have spent an astronomical amount to have their dresses cleaned and preserved, especially with all the mounting bills a newlywed couple incurs such as a new house, new furniture, etc., when they could have had an even more professional cleaning and preservation performed for a fraction of the cost.  Brides have told us the prices they’ve been quoted have ranged from $300 to over $800 dollars!  That is more money than the average bride purchases her gown for!  To help you weed out the local services that are padding their pockets, and taking from yours, we’ll look at what questions you need to be asking before you send your dress off to be preserved.

#5 – What are the processes and treatments you use to clean my wedding dress?

Simply asking this question and waiting for an answer can tell you quite a bit about the company you’re interviewing.  Any professional fabric cleaner should know exactly what processes, chemicals, and machines are used to clean your wedding gown.  If you get the run-around from the person behind the counter or the person at the other end of the phone, it’s time to take your dress and run… fast.

#4 – Is your process environmentally safe?

Getting your dress professionally cleaned doesn’t have to be bad for the environment in this day in age.  The old way of cleaning fabric was to use a dangerous (and sometimes damaging) chemical called PERC.  Nearly every environmentally responsible fabric cleaner in the industry has switched to SYSTEM K4 wet and dry cleaning technology which is both safe for your gown, and safe for the environment.  Not only is it safe, but it is also light years ahead in getting stains out of fabric and keeping your dress pristine while in the preservation chest.  

This revolutionary technology was once only used by high-end, museum preservation specialty companies, but is now being implemented across the country by dry cleaning companies that care about the environment, and the quality of their work.  Our service was one of the pioneers in the United States in importing this technology and one of the first to fully integrate, and perfect, the SYSTEM K4 technology.  Why?  Because we care about the brides we serve and treat every wedding dress that comes to us as if it was our own.

#3 – Is your work guaranteed and if so, for how long?

If the service you’re looking at doesn’t come with a guarantee - then move on.  A guarantee is the only way to know that a company stands behind the work they’re performing.  Are they offering a lifetime guarantee?  That sounds a bit vague and shady.  Who knows how long one’s lifetime will be anyways?  We offer a solid 100 year guarantee that states your gown will not be harmed by the #1 factor that destroys dresses and damages material over time – fabric yellowing.

#2 – Do you insure my gown while your service is performed?

We almost always get a funny answer back from newlyweds when we ask them why they chose their bridal boutique or local dry cleaner to have their gown preserved.  That is “I wasn’t really that comfortable with sending my dress away to another company”.  What gets them really upset is when we tell them that in 99% of the cases, their dress was sent away to another company in another state by the boutique owner.  Did you really think your local business has a back room where they store hundreds of thousands of dollars of state-of-the-art delicate fabric cleaning equipment and spend tens of thousands each year to keep their employees trained on the latest fabric standards?  The only difference between you having the ability to send in your gown through a professional service and the owner sending it away is that you can choose a company that includes shipping insurance to ensure the safety of your gown.  Do you want your dress sent away without this important peace of mind guarantee?  This leads us to our last question…

#1 – Do you perform your wedding dress preservation service in-house?

If you get a “Well…” or an “Um…” or a “Not Exactly…”, then the fact of the matter is that you’re paying too much.  As we mentioned previously, 99% of companies that offer wedding dress cleaning or preservation services are sending your dress off to another company and marking your cost up (sometimes 300-400 percent) so they make can make a profit.  While we realize that everyone needs to make a little money, doesn’t it make sense to send your gown direct to the company yourself and get the lowest price possible?  As a factory-direct, elite dealer of the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit, we can guarantee you’re paying the lowest possible price for this premier service and getting the best customer support there is.

If you follow these steps and perform your due diligence, you’re sure to create an amazing keepsake from your wedding day to be shared with future generations.  However, if you don’t ask the right questions, you may not just be hurting your pocketbook, but you may end up with a damaged, or even worse, lost gown.  We’ve cleaned and preserved over 3 million wedding dresses for brides across the country with rave reviews from our brides.  Let us help you create a treasured family heirloom to be a reminder for future generations of the single most amazing event of your life.