ordering your wedding gown preservation kit

Ordering Your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit is Easy, Secure, and Fast

The first step when ordering your wedding gown preservation kit is to visit our online store and choose from either the Traditional or the Celebrity Wedding Gown Preservation Kit.  As a general rule we recommend the Celebrity upgrade for gowns that are over $800 in retail value.  Please see our FAQ for more advice on choosing your kit.  To make ordering easier we accept most forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and PayPal.

What Happens After You Order?

After you order your kit you'll receive your order confirmation within 24 hours. The following will also take place at that time:

  • You will receive an instant receipt for your records
  • We assign an order number so you can follow the preservation progress using our GownTracker™ system
  • Your crush proof, water resistant shipping container will be shipped to you in 3-7 days so your gown can begin the journey to becoming meticulously cleaned and beautifully preserved.

Ordering FAQ

Is my dress safe during the shipping process?
We've taken every step available to make sure your gown is safe and secure as it is shipped to our facility and back to your home. The finished kit requires a signature from a resident of your home and each kit comes with shipping insurance included to keep your mind at ease. For as long as we've been the #1 online retailer of the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit, we've never had a gown lost in transit. Over 3,000,000 brides can attest to the safety of our time-proven process while saving hundreds of dollars at the same time.
How do I add more insurance?
When you receive your kit you'll find paperwork inside that will allow you to add any extra amount of insurance you'd like which will be in addition to the included insurance that comes with your order ($500 for the Traditional Kit and $1,500 for the Celebrity Kit). Extra insurance is $2.00 for each $100 of extra insurance you'd like to add.
What does the 100 yr. warranty cover?
The 100 year warranty protects your gown against future yellowing for 100 years. In the event that you feel your dress has yellowed, the Wedding Gown Preservation Company will re-clean and preserve your gown at no cost to you.
Will my dress fit in the display box?
Yes, there are three different sizes of boxes ranging from small to large which will accomodate any size dress.
What happens if you can't get a stain out?
It is very unlikely that we find a stain that cannot be treated. In the event that we do we will contact you with a variety of options on how we can proceed with the stain.

What if You have Additional Questions Before You Order?

We cover most of the questions you may have in our preservation FAQ but you are more than welcome to call our office at 877-872-5538 M-F 9am- 5pm EST and we'll be happy to assist.