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10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most magical, beautiful, special day of your life. However, it’s not going to be perfect. No matter how hard you try to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, something is bound to go wrong. The DJ might play a song you absolutely forbade him from playing. Someone’s great aunt is going to be offended she was seated at a table not in the front. Someone might drink too much and get a little crazy. While you can’t control everything, there are mistakes and imperfections you can avoid making on your wedding day.

10: No Cash Bar

Whether or not you choose to have a bar is completely up to you. You might not drink. You might not have the cash to provide a full bar and opt instead to serve something limited such as beer and wine. Maybe you only want a signature cocktail. Whatever you want in terms of a bar is up to you; it’s your wedding. However, what you don’t want is a cash bar. Guests hate it. Wedding planners hate it. It’s one of those things that is a wedding faux pas; don’t make it.

Additionally, do not allow your bartenders to set out a jar for tips. It’s considered tacky to make your guests feel obligated to fork out money at each bar trip. Let the bartender know that you’re happy to pay his or her gratuity at the end of the night, but that a jar is not something you prefer.

9: Change into Flats

If there is one thing past brides agree upon, it’s the fact that wearing heels all night long is somewhat less than comfortable. If you want to wear them, wear them for the ceremony and pictures and change to fun flats for the reception. Nothing makes breaking it down on the dance floor less enjoyable than uncomfortable shoes and potential blisters. You don’t want to spend your honeymoon hobbling around your hotel with sore feet, so do yourself this small favor. If you need further convincing, here it is; changing into flats means you get two new pair of shoes!

8. Let the DJ do His Job

It’s all right to ask your DJ to avoid playing music with inappropriate lyrics so your grandmother and any children at your reception aren’t offended in any way, but don’t micromanage. You probably aren’t a DJ, so don’t think you suddenly have the ability to decide how to play music to make a great party. Leave it up to your DJ to play great music that people will love at the appropriate time. Too many requests and restrictions can actually hinder the music and make your wedding less of a dance party.   Check out the 20 most requested wedding dance songs of 2014

7. Make Priorities

One of the biggest mistakes brides and grooms make when planning their wedding is not prioritizing. At the end of the day, what’s most important to you about your wedding day? Is it hand-embossed invitations that cost more than your venue or is it a photographer that takes beautiful photos? What you spend your money on is important. Don’t blow your budget on minor details when there are things so important you’ll regret them later on. Laughter and memories are far more important than other details of your wedding day. Know which ones mean the most to you and focus your budget there.

6. Fittings

Be firm with your bridal designer and/or salon and the place from which the men in your wedding are renting their tuxes. If no one tries on their clothing or waits until the last minute to do so, your wedding could be a mixture of poorly dressed people. Your dress should be prepared for you to have your final fitting at least one week prior to your wedding day. This allows for time for last minute and/or unexpected alterations and little stress before your big day. Additionally, men who wait until the night before to try on their tuxes might not be able to get a new one if theirs does not fit.

5. Wait for Your Honeymoon

It’s your first vacation as husband and wife, and you don’t want to start it feeling sick or exhausted the day after your wedding. Don’t book your flight until the following day so that you have a full 24 hours to rest, recuperate and even spend some additional quality time with the people who came from out of town to visit for your wedding. Plan a brunch or dinner the following day to give you something to look forward to and to give you time to send in your gown to be cleaned and preserved.

4. Bachelor/Bachelorette Mistakes

What you want to do for your last night out as a single person is completely up to you. However, don’t do it the night before your wedding. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are notorious for too much alcohol and early hours. The last thing you want is to feel hungover, bloated, or puffy on your wedding day. You won’t enjoy it with a raging migraine, so don’t go out the night before. Instead, plant that night for a week or so before your wedding day. It provides you with ample time to recover.

3. Coordinator Mistakes

While a wedding planner may not be in the budget, you still need to appoint a coordinator on the big day. There are too many details that have to be taken care of on the day of your wedding, and not having someone to handle them is going to cause issues you don’t want to deal with. Choose a friend or relative to handle this part of your big day. If you can afford it, hire someone for the big day itself to take care of payments, gratuities and each little detail that requires attention you haven’t the time to give.

2. Procrastination

Too many brides make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to finalize details for the wedding. This causes you to stretch yourself too thin, trying to finalize last minute details, have beauty treatments, engage in events such as your rehearsal and attend spa days and beauty treatments in the final days prior to your wedding. Don’t do it. Make a list and check it every day. Finalize plans as soon as possible to avoid having so many last minute things on your to-do list.

The Biggest Mistake: Unrealistic Expectations

When you ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be a part of your wedding day, it’s an honor to them and to you. It’s not an invitation to become your personal assistant. The people who love you enough to stand by you on your wedding day may offer to help with planning. Take them up on their offers without having high expectations. Do not delegate work to them. It’s not their job to plan your big day. If they want to help with something, let them. However, don’t expect that they will drop everything in their own lives to be at your beck and call throughout the wedding planning process. Their only obligation when accepting your invitation to be in your wedding party is the expense of travel and attire and to stand with you and potentially make a toast or two. Not only can over-the-top expectations annoy your loved ones, it can affect your relationships in a negative manner.

Additionally, you must always respect the lives and feelings of your wedding party. They’re not working with unlimited budgets – typically – so it might be a bit much to expect them to pay for new dresses, shoes, jewels, beauty treatments, travel and so on and so forth. By outlining what you will want them to purchase when you ask them to be part of your big day, you give them the option to gracefully bow out in case the expense is too much. However, a great friend will ask very little in terms of expense.