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Genius Tips to Make a Big Wedding Feel More Intimate and Romantic

Genius Tips to Make a Big Wedding Feel More Intimate and Romantic

Congratulations! You’re engaged and it’s time to start planning the wedding. One of the first things you have to consider is the guest list; it’s the driving force behind just about every aspect of your wedding. For example, you have to know how many people you’re inviting so you can choose a proper venue, you have to know how many invitations you’re sending out to know how to work your budget, how to choose your cake and where to seat everyone at your reception. The guest list is one of the most important details – aside from the love between the bride and groom. Sadly, the guest list is also one of the biggest points of contention between engaged couples and between couples and their parents. Mother-in-law wants to invite her work friends, your mom wants to invite her sorority sisters and your dad wants to invite all the guys from the club. Before you know it, the guest list has grown from an intimate 50 guests to a  much less intimate 250 guests.

Even if you have the budget, space and ability to accommodate those people, you have to consider other issues with a large wedding because others will not. If you honestly do not want to have that many people present at your nuptials, end it now. If you don’t mind having a big wedding but you are concerned with wanting an intimate affair, you can rest easy. Invite 30 people or invite 3,000 guests because we can tell you just how to make sure your big wedding feels like an intimate affair to remember.

Set Limits

When you can afford to have a big wedding, some people forget that you simply may not want strangers in attendance. Their thought process is not meant to offend or harm, but it’s just not one that’s well thought out. Your parents, for example, might assume that because you do have a big budget you can invite their friends and their friends’ kids and have plenty of space. They might not consider that you just don’t want people you aren’t familiar with at your wedding. So while you might end up with 400 guests because you both have huge families, you don’t have to invite anyone to whom you have no relationship or to whom you are not close. Get that out of the way and you can keep your really, really big guest list big but not overwhelming.

Incorporate Lounge Seating

Do you have a cocktail hour planned? If so, consider skipping tables for two or four and having it set up with lounge seating instead. This forces your guests to interact and mingle, causing them to feel closer and more intimate. The effect can bring people together, encourage people to get to know one another and change the ambiance of an entire room. It’s also a personal touch that few people actually use, so your guests will always remember your wedding as the one with the beautiful lounge.

Skip the Individual Tables

Here’s a concept we just adore. If you have a large wedding, consider placing long tables together in a massive U-shape around the dance floor instead of placing smaller round tables all over the venue. This forces everyone to sit together, and it gives the entire wedding a birds-eye view of the dance floor. When everyone can see the fun being had as the music plays, they’re going to want to get up, get down and shake it like a Polaroid picture. Yours will be the reception everyone remembers as top-of-the-line and awesome.

Personalize Your Music

When there are so many people present you don’t even see your parents on the big day, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. When it comes time to choose your song list for the DJ or band, ask that they play the songs to which your in-laws, parents and even grandparents danced to at their own weddings. It’s an honor you can bestow upon the people who mean the most to you all while making a big wedding feel so much more intimate. When you do this, you can change the entire feel of a large reception.

Use Candles

It seems a bit cliché, but when you use soft candle light in the reception it can really create a very intimate feel. It will make the room feel more relaxed and less formal, and it will bring people closer together. There is something about soft candle light that makes everyone feel relaxed and happy, and the ambiance it adds to any room is quite impressive. It’s also going to add an air of romance to an already romantic situation, and that’s going to help you keep things light and lively.

Get the Important Stuff Out of the Way

Okay, so here’s the deal; there will be so many people at your large wedding that you don’t know all that well, that you aren’t all that familiar with and that you don’t actually care stay or not. It happens when the parents start inviting their friends and acquaintances. Most of these people come just to support the people they care for most, and they’re looking to get out of there while it’s still early enough to hit their own favorite places and spaces around town. If you take it upon yourself to start the important traditions and festivities as soon as you enter the reception, these people will be able to go home within an hour and you will clear the room of people not particularly close to you.

What does this mean? It means that once you’ve eaten, danced your dances and done the cake, your less-than-close guests will leave and your best friends and family will be ready to break it down on the dance floor and have a good time. Our suggestion is to have your bridal party introduced and while your friends and family are eating their delicious dinner, immediately go into your first dance, your parent dances and all that fun stuff. Once that’s all out of the way it’s time to have a good time and do what we all came to do; dance and have a great time!