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Five Ways to Ensure Gorgeous Winter Wedding Photos

Five Ways to Ensure Gorgeous Winter Wedding Photos

Winter weddings are some of the most magical, most beautiful weddings. It’s difficult to think otherwise when you see the white snow flurries in the air, the bare trees, the silvery moonlight and the twinkling stars. It’s even more difficult to deny with the twinkling of Christmas lights, the beauty of a Christmas tree in the background, and the overall feeling of magic that’s in the air this time of year. It’s not technically winter yet, but now that November is almost over it’s time to think about what it means to get married in the coming weeks, and it’s time to think about those winter wedding photos.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the shimmering fade of lights twinkling on a tree in the background as you kiss your new husband for the first time, or share your first dance (and it’s certainly a breeze to decorate for a winter wedding), but what about the rest of your photos? The snow is gorgeous, but the cold air is not so much fun for couples to endure. You want to look glamorous and beautiful; not frozen stiff. We have taken some time to round up some of the best advice from photographers all over the country to see what they recommend when it comes to taking winter wedding photos. These tips will help not only you, but your photographer as well. You might not remember much from your wedding in 40 years, but these photos are going to last a lifetime. It’s important that you consider these tips and implement them when necessary during your winter wedding.

Embrace Less Than Ideal Weather

If there is one thing photographers agree on, it’s that you have to embrace the bad weather in the winter even if it means freezing and having snow flurries in the background. In fact, what might seem ugly and dreary to you is actually a work of art in the form of photos. The dark sky, the howling wind and the snowflakes hitting you in the face might make for the most amazingly unique wedding photos you’ve ever seen. Many professional photographers, brides and grooms admit that some of their favorite wedding photos are ones that were captured at the spur of the moment in inclement weather. They state that there is something so natural, so powerful and so raw about the biting cold and bitter wind.

Use Weather to Your Advantage

Cold weather is what photographers prefer. Those gorgeous models in bikinis in your Victoria’s Secret summer catalogs were shot on cold beaches in less than warm weather. They were freezing to death, uncomfortable, miserable and wishing they were anywhere else. But they look amazing, don’t they? The cold air perks everything right up, from your eyes to providing you with rosy cheeks. You won’t have to worry about sweating, so there will be no shine, and everything looks fuller and that much lovelier. Additionally, the cold air seems to enhance color, making the sky appear bluer, the snow appear whiter and everything else appear bolder. Use that to your advantage and know you’re going to be cold and miserable, but you’re going to be gorgeous.

Skip the Heels

You won’t see them unless you’re in a short dress, in which case you shouldn’t be planning a winter wedding. However, if you choose to skip the heels and wear boots instead, your photos will be so much better. Your photographer won’t get your shoes in your shots, and you can change them for every specific shot that does incorporate shoes. However, when you’re standing in the snow, that kiss you’re leaning in for doesn’t seem so natural when you’re fighting to stand upright and your toes are simultaneously becoming just a tad frostbitten thanks to the cold. Pack boots, socks, blankets and jackets. You can toss everything to the side just before your photographer takes the shot, but you’ll want these things in between frames while the photographer is setting up.

Choose Indoors

It’s absolutely gorgeous to take your wedding photos outside in the snow, but it’s not your only option. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to freeze for the perfect winter photos. Instead, take winter photos indoors you can’t take during the summer. Try for photos inside of an old bed and breakfast where there is a roaring fire, a Christmas tree lit in the corner and mugs of hot cocoa on a table. The cabin-like feel of a location like this is all you need to ensure that you’re wedding photos turn out completely amazing, and it’s much warmer. You still get the gorgeous winter appearance without the frigid cold.

If you’re wedding is near a hotel, you might even find that they have the same amenities. Country clubs also have the same concept during this time of year. You might even find that some locations offer large outdoor areas with outdoor fireplaces, heat lamps and a place for you to take photos that don’t require you to stand in feet of fresh snow, but still offers the effect of having snow and the outdoors in your background.

Choose Your Time Wisely

While most snow-covered winter days are a bit overcast, some are very bright. It is very difficult for photographers to get good shots when the sun is shining bright on the white snow. The glare and reflection make your photographer’s job even more difficult, which means that you might not enjoy taking photos so much – and they might not turn out so amazing. You’ll want to ensure that your photos are being taken during a time of day that glaring sun is not a problem.

On the other hand, winter photos are a bit tricky since the sun sets so early. Completely dark shots aren’t much fun either. You’re going to have to keep this in consideration and plan your wedding for a time of day that allows for enough sunlight for gorgeous photos, but not enough sunlight to make taking photos difficult.