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Finding Your Personal Wedding Style in a Pinterest-World

Finding Your Personal Wedding Style in a Pinterest-World

Pinterest is a problem. Hi, my name is (insert the name of pretty much all adult females here) and I’m addicted to Pinterest and wedding planning. Perhaps you aren’t even married yet. Perhaps you just got engaged. Perhaps you have been married for well over a decade – like myself – and you just see that you could have had a much more amazing wedding if only you’d had some mason jars, some glitter and a couple pieces of reclaimed wood back then. Perhaps you spend the entire morning glued to your phone where you see dresses, table settings and venues that have the most amazing design and you think that you could have done better.

Well, at least you’re thinking that about your place settings and not your groom. If you are thinking that about your groom, though, the good news is that maybe you will have a second chance to redo that whole wedding to total internet perfection. Listen; I am here to tell you that wedding style is very, very personal; but Pinterest is a problem. Why? Because I am not a country chic kind of woman in the least, yet I find myself seeing photos of country chic weddings and thinking that I can do that in a heartbeat. Except for one thing; I don’t have the desire to have a wedding like that. I’m all classic, all the way.

What is it about the internet that makes us question our own style and our own sense of fashion on our wedding day that might not be what we really want? It’s difficult; I know. However, we cannot look at others, at pins on a website, at companies with a killer Instagram; we cannot do it. We have to look at ourselves, our likes, our loves and our interests and that’s how we find our wedding style. With that in mind, I have a few suggestions for you that might help you better choose the right look for your own wedding when the time is right for you to begin your plans.

Check the Venue

It might seem like common sense, but you will be quite surprised how many people do not think this through when planning their weddings. It’s a good idea to go ahead and check the venue you plan on celebrating your wedding. Let’s say that you choose a beautiful hotel with a classic ballroom and upscale décor. Do you think that bringing in hay bales and having a country wedding is the right choice for that? No; it’s probably going to go over about as well as having a black tie affair in the midst of an old barn in a field. You have to go to the venue and plan your décor around that.

Believe me when I tell you that choosing your wedding style based on the venue is a wonderful idea. Not only will it resonate well in photos, it will wow your guests and be something you end of loving more than just about anything.

Keep it Timeless

The first and most important thing to remember is this; you might love the idea of a shabby chic wedding right now, but how will you feel about it in a decade? Trends are trends for a reason. They come and go and they are not anything that is usually around for very long, so it’s important to remember that. let’s take, for example, the idea that your mother was in a dress that had shoulder pads the size of a crossover SUV with big fluffy pleats and hair the size of Texas when she went to her own wedding in the early 80s. You laugh. We all laugh. Is that how you want to remember your own wedding day?

Timeless style is always beautiful. My wedding was more than 11 years ago, and I still look back at my timeless dress, my classic décor and my simple but very elegant and classic cake and I love it. I love it because it could have been yesterday based on the way everything looked. A girlfriend of mine was married the same year, and she looks back at her trendy wedding and cringes that she is her own mother at this point. It’s just the luck of the draw; go classic and you will always win.

Skip the Theme

When I think of a theme, I think of a child’s birthday party or something like a Halloween party. I do not think of a wedding. No, I do think of a wedding; a Star Wars wedding or something to that effect. If you really love Star Wars and want to model your wedding after that, go for it. However, you do not have to have a theme. When people ask what the theme of your wedding is, it bothers me. You are not required to have a winter wonderland just because you are getting married in December. You can create your very own fabulous and beautiful summer luau theme if that’s what you want; the key is that it is what you want and not what the internet tells you to do.

You also don’t have to have a theme. You can just choose colors or, here’s an idea; love. Love seems like a wonderful theme to have at any wedding, doesn’t it? Why not choose a color palette and go with that as your ‘theme,’ so that everything is what you want? Whether you prefer bold reds and blacks or you love something a bit subtler such as pale pinks and pale golds and pale silvers, it’s all up to you. Just pick pretty colors and go with it. It’s always beautiful.

Look at Your House and Your Closet

Here is a piece of wedding advice that I heard when I was getting married and it really did change the entire way I looked at planning my own wedding. Look around your house and pay close attention to your closet. What is in there? For me, you’ll find classic items and timeless items. That’s how I knew I needed to go with what I love. I don’t have one country or shabby chic item in my house or life, so why would I think that I want my wedding to look like that?

Because the women who do this on Pinterest and Instagram do it so well that it seems to be completely perfect, right? It is; it’s beautiful. These are weddings that are lovely and amazing and put together so well that they seem like what we want even though it’s not our style. That’s the trick of the internet. You might love your girlfriend’s wedding even though it’s not your style at all. That’s wonderful. But that doesn’t mean you should do the same thing just because you’re planning your own wedding.

Look to you; look at home and see what surrounds you to know what you should do, what you love and what you really want. It’s the best way to go about planning your own wedding.

Be Fearless

One of the things many brides are too afraid to do is make their wedding their own. They think it has to look a certain way or be a certain thing to be ‘right’ and this could not be further from the truth. This is your day to do with what you please; be yourself. If you’re in the mood to buck tradition and the style that your mother thinks is appropriate, do it. It does not matter one moment what anyone else thinks of your big day so long as you love it and you think that it’s everything that you ever wanted. Your guests will go to a million more weddings and forget all about yours before too long; you will not. You will remember this day for the rest of your life. Make it your own.

Your Wedding Dress Style

Finally, we get to the important stuff. Your wedding dress should be your style; and only your style. I love so many wedding gowns and so many different styles, but I also know that I cannot, could not, and should not even attempt to try many of them. They’re not my style, they might not flatter me. If you’re having a difficult time with your wedding dress style, go try dresses on. What you love might not look so good or make you feel so good – or it might be perfect.

But, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes it’s the dress you least expect. It’s the one that you didn’t think you even liked until you put it on and everything immediately felt perfect and oh-so-right. That’s the dress you want. Your style is yours. Make it your own, be true to you and be sure that you are able to feel comfortable, beautiful and wonderful during every aspect of your wedding. If you don’t, it’s simply not your style and it’s time to go back to the drawing board and try again.