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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Restoration

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Restoration

Like everything in the world of fashion, wedding dress styles have come, gone, and come back in again over the years.  From plunging necklines, puffy sleeves, and high wasted empire cuts, it seems that every 10-20 years things come back around and what was once in high fashion on the spring runway comes back in vogue once again.  It is for this reason that more brides of yesteryear are looking to have their fashionable gowns restored to create a loving, living memory to pass down to the next generation, or even to be worn once again by daughters and granddaughters. 

Along with the elegant and chic nature of a vintage wedding dress that has come back into style, is the sentimental value of re-wearing a vintage wedding gown that someone special to you once wore on the most precious day of their lives long ago.  While this trend is becoming more popular, there are some things you should know before you go looking to bring your vintage gown from the back of the closet to be brought back to its former splendor.  Below we'll look at the top questions asked by brides regarding our premium wedding dress restoration service.

What Exactly is Wedding Dress Restoration?

Generally, wedding dress restoration is the process of restoring a wedding gown that was purchase 15 or more years in the past back to its original beauty.  The process involved in this type of service, however, can get more complicated than that simple explanation.  There are many factors that go into formulating a plan of action when restoring a vintage wedding gown.  Whether the dress was designer or off the rack, the level of fabric yellowing, the amount of fabric fray and level of staining are all factors that will determine how an old wedding gown will be restored.  Your dress should be examined by a team of fabric experts to identify which materials went into the making of the gown and how each material should be treated.  Silk fabrics need a much different approach than chiffon, and a one-size-fits-all approach to restoring a wedding gown could turn your vintage wedding dress into a faded memory of a past love.

How much does wedding gown restoration cost?

You may think that wedding gown restoration might be out of your price range, but you may be surprised to know that restoring your vintage family wedding gown can be more affordable than you thought.  It is important to find out from the company that is restoring your gown if the work will be performed in-house or sent out to a 3rd party.  We’ve found that pricing can be all across the board with companies that send out wedding gowns for restoration, ranging from $300 all the way up to $800 – for essentially the same service.

Our Wedding Gown Restoration Kit starts at just $280 and our team of fabric experts have been perfecting the art of restoring vintage wedding gowns since 1913.  This experience has allowed us to create a museum quality process to ensure your gown is carefully examined, assessed, and treated with world class cleaning and restoration techniques.  We even allow you to send in a photo with your restoration so your loved ones can view your beautifully restored gown along with a picture of their loved one on their most special day.

Can all vintage wedding gowns be restored back to their original beauty?
assessing vintage wedding gowns for restoration

Assessing Vintage Wedding Gowns as the Arrive to the Restoration Facility

The biggest problem with the delicate fabrics comprising vintage wedding dresses (or any wedding dress for that matter) is the fact that the fabrics tend to yellow over time.  Silk, satin, taffeta and other delicate wedding dress fabrics are all natural elements that do not respond well to oxygen if left untreated for long periods of time.  Along with wedding gown fabric yellowing, the process of wedding dress preservation has taken very large leaps in recent years which has made past preservation efforts obsolete.  While most wedding gowns can indeed be brought back to their original beauty, it’s best to send your gown in to be examined prior to having it restored.

What happens if my wedding gown cannot be restored?

We can’t speak for other services, but we offer a money back guarantee if it is determined that your gown is too far aged or damaged to be restored.  The good news is that this very, very rarely happens and the exclusive SYSTEMK4 cleaning technology your gown is cleaned with can work wonders on restoring aged gowns.  After a thorough inspection of your gown by our cleaning and preservation specialists, we call you if we determine any issues might come up during the restoration process before we proceed. 

What about restoring gowns that have been in a flood, fire, or other natural disaster?

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company sends their specialists to yearly fabric restoration clinics to learn the latest technologies and techniques for dealing with flood damaged or smoke damaged gowns.  Melted beading can often be replaced, mud carefully cleansed and smoke painstakingly removed from a damaged gown that you may have thought was too damaged to be restored.

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What are the limits on bringing back a wedding dress?

While today’s modern technology can work wonders on a vintage wedding gown, there are some extreme limitations on what can be restored.  If your gown has suffered extreme fraying or has very brittle fabric that frays apart to the touch, it may be too far into the state of decay to be saved.  It is best to let a wedding dress restoration expert first examine the gown to get a professional opinion on the condition of the fabric.

I have a vintage wedding dress but would like to add some adornments to modernize it a bit.  Should I have them added before or after sending in my dress for restoration?

It is best to perform any altering or the adding of adornments prior to sending in your gown to be restored.  Our cleaning process applies a protectant to your gown that will act as a protection layer against bodily oils and other stain causing liquids that may come in contact with your gown on your wedding day.  By having your gown fully restored after alteration you’re getting the assurance that you have a clean, vibrant, and protected vintage wedding gown to be worn on your wedding day.

If you have a vintage wedding gown that you would love to wear on your wedding day, purchase the most trusted Wedding Gown Restoration Kit and send it in to our team of fabric experts for a complimentary analysis.  The price of our wedding dress restoration service is a small price  for a lifetime of memories that honors a special loved one in your life.

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