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Wedding Gown Cleaning Package
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Wedding Dress Clean-Only Service

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Do you own a wedding dress that will be worn again or that you may want to sell in the near future? Our exclusive wedding gown Clean-only service has been trusted by more brides to provide their gown with a museum-quality cleaning at a price you can afford. Our clean-only kit utilizes our exclusive, all-natural SYSTEMK4 cleaning technology, delicate wrinkle removal process and a final treatment to repel stains if the dress is worn again. As with all the premium cleaning and preservation packages we offer, our Clean-only package includes shipping insurance along FREE two-way shipping when you order today.

  • Exclusive Delicate Fabric Museum Quality Cleaning
  • Includes Premium Garment Bag
  • Works With Every Size Dress
  • Ships FREE & Fast to Your Home
  • Increase the Sale Value of your Gown
  • $500 Insurance Policy Included (Additional Available*)
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The wedding dress cleaning service trusted by more brides across the nation.

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Your wedding gown ships absolutely FREE to us and back to your home.

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We guarantee our premium clean-only service is the lowest price available.

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Our "No Questions Asked" 30-day return policy makes our kit a great baptism gift.

On the most amazing and memorable day of your life we know the last thing you wanted to worry about was keeping your wedding gown in pristine condition. There were guests to greet, great food and drinks to be enjoyed and of course, a dance floor that was calling your name all evening. While you were busy having an amazing time your dress was being introduced to all kinds of elements that cause long term staining and yellowing. Some of the worst offenders are sweat and deodorant, dirt and grass, foods such as icing red wine, makeup and many more. While at first glance you may think that your dress came out of your action-packed day unscathed, the unfortunate truth is these invisible stains will wreak havoc on the delicate fibers of your wedding gown if left untreated. White satin will become dull and muted, sweat stains will cause the underarms of your dress to yellow and dirt trapped in your hemline will start to brown the fabric. The only way to prevent your dress from becoming a dull shadow of its former self is have your gown professionally cleaned by wedding dress cleaning experts.

Remove Visible & Invisible Stains on Your Wedding Dress

It is for this reason that we've created our Wedding Gown Clean-Only Package to bring back the brilliance of your gown without a full preservation. This package is perfect for brides who purchased a pre-owned gown, brides who plan on selling or loaning their gown after their wedding, or for any other reason you wish not to have a full preservation performed on her wedding dress. When you order our Wedding Gown Clean-Only Package, your dress will receive a museum quality cleaning with our SYSTEMK4 technology which is specially formulated for delicate fabric care. Your Clean-Only package also includes $500 worth of shipping insurance which you can increase at the time you receive your kit and FREE 2-way shipping to be professionally cleaned by our experts.

Your Professional Wedding Gown Cleaning Includes:

  •   Premium Museum Quality Cleaning Utilizing our Exclusive SYSTEMK4 Delicate Fabric Cleaning Technology
  •   Free 2-way Shipping Included
  •   $500 Shipping Insurance Included
  •   Premium Garment Bag Included
  •   Access to GownTracker™ to Track Progress of your Gown 24/7

What are You Waiting For?

Take your precious wedding dress out of the closet and bring it back to being brilliant by ordering your Wedding Gown Clean-Only Package today!

Online Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

1. Place Your Secure Order With Us

After you order, your Clean-only packing and shipping kit will arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 business days.

2. Package Your Gown in Our Secure Shipping Container

Your kit will contain everything you need to securely pack your gown in our crushproof shipping container. You will also receive shipping labels and included $500 shipping insurance.

3. Your Gown is Checked into Our System

When your gown arrives at the preservation facility it is given a unique tracking number and a thorough inspection for stains, tears, and loose stitching or beading. Your unique barcode allows you to track your gown as it is being cleaned and preserved.

4. Your Gown Receives a Museum Quality Cleaning

Your wedding gown receives a meticulous museum quality cleaning utilizing our exclusive SYSTEMK4 delicate fabric cleaning technology. The last step protects your fabric from future yellowing and will also help protect the gown in the event it is worn again.

5. Your Beautifully Cleaned Wedding Gown Arrives Safely Back to Your Home

Your gown is then safely and securely shipped back to your home in our heavy-gauge, water resistant shipping container along with a premium, acid-free garment bag for temporary storage. You get the peace-of-mind in knowing sweat, make-up, dirt, and other stains from your wedding day have been professionally removed from your wedding gown.

Does the Clean-Only kit come with your 100 year guarantee?
No. Because your gown is not stored in a proper long-term storage container after cleaning and can be handled, we cannot provide our 100 year anti yellowing guarantee.
My wedding is months away, when is the best time to order a Clean-Only package for my pre-owned wedding dress?
The best time to order your Clean-Only service is one month or earlier than your wedding date. Our Clean-Only service takes approximately 2 weeks from the day you order on our website to the day you receive your gown.
Can I return my Clean-Only kit if I decide not to use it?
Of course! If you purchased our Clean-Only service as a gift or for yourself and you or the recipient end up not using it, you can contact us to let us know and you will receive a 100% refund on your order. There is no need to return the box or its contents, however, the order number will be de-activated from our system making it unavailable to use in the future. It's that easy!
Is my dress safe during the shipping process?
We've taken every step available to make sure your gown is safe and secure as it is shipped to our facility and back to your home. The finished gown requires a signature from a resident of your home and each kit comes with shipping insurance included to keep your mind at ease. Over 3 million brides can attest to the safety of our time-proven wedding gown cleaning service while saving hundreds of dollars at the same time.
How do I add extra insurance?
When you receive your Clean-Only kit, you'll find paperwork inside that will allow you to add any extra amount of insurance you'd like which will be in addition to the included insurance that comes with your order ($500 for the Clean-Only). Extra insurance is $2.00 for each $100 of extra insurance you'd like to add.
Can I have my cleaned dress sent to a different address?
Sure! When you receive your kit you'll have paperwork that will allow you to specify a different address to have your finished dress sent to on the return trip.
Will my dress fit in the shipping box?
Yes, our free shipping containers are extra large to accomodate any size dress.
What happens if you can't get a stain out?
It is very unlikely that we find a stain that cannot be treated. In the event that we do we will contact you with a variety of options on how we can proceed with the stain.