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Choosing a Gown - A Style for Every Bride

Choosing a Gown - A Style for Every Bride

Present bridal gown trends place the focus primarily on the bride's individuality and uniqueness than the dress. The availability of a large variety of gowns gives today's brides the luxury of discovering a gown that actually expresses their individual style. There are some important elements of wedding gowns that are needed to be considered before opting for a particular piece.


In general, comparatively narrower, sophisticated silhouettes are in fashion, as they help making your body appear slimmer. A-line wedding dresses have always been popular and still are, as they offer long graceful lines that make the bride look slimmer regardless of her figure. The gowns with detachable trains built into the silhouette are also prominent now-a-days. The trains trail behind the bride in a graceful manner. Bias-cut gowns have made a special place in the market today. With spectacular cuts and styles, these wedding gowns follow the curves of your body, flaring away at the hem. Ball-gown styles have undergone some major transformation in the past few years. The waistlines of current ball gowns have been raised to just below the normal/natural waist. Skirts are cut to flare out with no gathers in the circular shape, or are being gathered into deep folds. Consider the following styles depending on your body shape:


Some of the popular neckline styles include square, v necks, and curved square necklines. These styles not only provide an open, fresh look to the bride, but are also modest enough to avoid overexposure. The off-shoulder dresses are still in vogue and offer a romantic neckline.


The sleeveless gowns are popular for providing the bride a summery look. If you are planning a wedding during summer, this could be the best option for you. On the other hand, sleeveless evening gowns make the bride look more classy and glamorous. If you feel uncomfortable wearing sleeveless dresses, you can opt for cap sleeves. Sheer sleeves are best for conveying a modern look.


Empire waists are known for their ability to add height to the bride. For that reason, this style is still popular today. They work considerably well on petite brides by shifting the focus upwards. Drop waist style is pretty new and gives the wedding gowns a contemporary look.


Silk shantung and Satin are the two most common fabrics used for wedding gowns. However, if you want your dress to give a light breezy look, you can use sheer fabrics like organza, chiffon and satin faced organza. Tulle skirts are still in fashion and offer a cloud like look to the skirt. Velvet is an unusual choice, but it has started making its place in the wedding gown industry and is perfect for winter weddings.

Surface treatments

Embroidery is witnessed to be replacing the traditional appliqué and laces on wedding dresses, giving a lighter design presentation. Scattering pearls and beads is a new way to glamorize the gowns. Lace styles are pretty light as compared to other designs, featuring small patters and intricate details. The new trend of simplicity has given the dresses a fresh look.

The ultimate test, however, is when you try on your selected wedding gowns. Make sure that the sleeves, silhouette, neckline, waistline and other elements highlight your personality. Examine every detail and opt for the one that enhances your beauty and promises to make your wedding day special.