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Advice for Making the Most of Your Wedding Registry

Advice for Making the Most of Your Wedding Registry

If planning your wedding and your life together didn’t already require enough of your time and attention to detail, you have to consider finding the time to create your wedding registry as well. This time-honored tradition makes it simple for your guests to purchase gifts you’ll love. It helps to prevent unwanted, unneeded and duplicated gifts on your wedding day, and it allows you to plan for your future as husband and wife. Before you begin the process of registering, however, it’s important to understand the strategy that goes into this task.

Recommendations for Registering

You might not think about the prices of items you’re registering for, but you should. Experts recommend registering at stores and for items in a variety of price ranges so as not to overwhelm your guests. While most wedding guests are happy to spend the money on a gift from your registry, others are not capable of spending too much. If everything you register for comes straight from the home décor floor at Neiman Marcus, you might find that some guests buy items you don’t want or need from stores other than the ones on your registry in an attempt to afford them. Additionally, you should register for twice as many gifts as guests, according to experts at

It also helps to have several registries. Two or three bridal registries are not unheard of, or difficult to maintain. In fact, most retailers allow you to register for wedding gifts online, which saves time during this busy part of your life. It’s recommended that couples choose a department store such as Macys or Neiman Marcus, a national chain such as Target or Bed Bath and Beyond and a smaller retailer such as Pier 1 Imports. A variety of stores gives your guests a better chance of being able to find a place to shop near their home and in their budget. Just be sure to check each store’s return policy prior to registering. You might also want to see if the stores you’re choosing offer a discount for items left un-purchased after the wedding.

Upgrade your Kitchen

As you begin your life together, you might want to upgrade what you already have in your kitchen. Since this is the room in which your family will spend the most time, it’s time to register for items you really want in your dream kitchen. Now that you’re a family, you’re going to want to host holiday dinners at your new home. For this reason, it’s time to say goodbye to the mismatched dishes you bought in college and register for matching settings for at least eight.

You’ll also want to register for items you don’t currently have and nicer versions of what you do currently have. This can include anything from cutlery to stemware to small appliances such as toaster ovens and coffee makers. It’s also a great idea to register for items that can be used for several purposes, such as cooking and serving. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 does just that. With the ability to chop, heat, blend, churn and many more options, this blender is a great registry option for your kitchen.

Basic Needs

Many couples wonder which household items are acceptable to register for; and the answer is going to make couples very happy. It’s perfectly acceptable to register for items outside the kitchen, even though many couples don’t often do this. It’s considered reasonable for couples to register for bath items such as towels and décor, linens and even rugs. Don’t forget to add decorative pieces such as vases, picture frames and artwork to your registry to help you decorate your home.

Think Outside

Outdoor living is a favorite way of life for many couples. If you have an outdoor living space, don’t hesitate to register for items that will make it more comfortable. This can include anything from outdoor décor to furniture and even to grills and fire pits.

There really is no limit to what’s considered acceptable on a wedding registry these days. The reason is that it’s up to your guests whether or not they’re comfortable affording items you’ve registered for. It’s up to them to choose what to purchase, and everyone wins in the end.

When you take the time to really consider what it is you want and need, you get to relive the happiest day of your life often in the future. Each time you use those lovely wine glasses or that great blender, you’ll be reminded of your wedding day and the loved one who gave it to you as a gift.