Wedding Gown Check-in Process

From the moment your gown arrives at the Wedding Gown Preservation Company, it begins receiving professional care normally reserved for museum grade garment care services.  Your gown is carefully unboxed and immediately given an identification number as well as a barcode to ensure your gown can be located in our facility during every step of the cleaning and preservation process.  This identification information is what powers our GownTracker™ system which allows you to enter your number into our system in order to find out where your wedding dress is in the preservation process.  All these steps are to make sure our brides can rest easy knowing their gown is in good hands.

Thorough Stain and Fabric Examination

With your wedding dress cleaning and preservation, you'll receive a 100 year guarantee against the future yellowing of your gown.

The 100 Year Guarantee States:

Your gown has been professionally cleaned and preserved by our Certified Specialists.  In very rare instances, a gown will yellow over a period of time.  In the unlikely event this occurs, we would be happy to reprocess your gown at no additional charge.  Should we be unable to remove the yellow, your preservation cost will be refunded.  Beads and sequins are excluded.  Improper handling of the gown may cause damage and compromise the true preservation of your gown.  Store your gown in a cool, dry area.  Never store your gown in an attic or basement! 

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit Guarantee

Download a PDF version of the guarantee.

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