100 Year Anti-Yellowing Guarantee

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit 100 Year Guarantee
Our Industry Leading 100-Year Guarantee

What is the only guarantee better than a “Lifetime” Guarantee? Our 100-year anti-yellowing, anti-staining guarantee goes far beyond a typical “lifetime” guarantee with our promise that your wedding dress stays in perfect, pristine condition for at least 100 years from the day it is preserved with us. Not only will it remain beautiful in the preservation chest, it will be ready to be worn again in the future by daughters, granddaughters, and even great granddaughters. With the average bride in the US getting married at the age of 27 and an average lifespan of 78 years, this means the competitions “lifetime” guarantee expires in just 51 years after the day it is preserved. What bride wouldn’t want her gown guaranteed for nearly 50 years longer than what other companies offer?

A Guarantee Is Only as Good as the Company That Stands Behind It

Without a strong company to stand behind and honor a guarantee, that promise is worth absolutely nothing. Our service has been in business for well over 100 years and the only service they specialize in has been cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. With Alfred Angelo recently shuttering all 60 of its stores, locking doors and leaving brides out in the cold, you can rest assured knowing we’ll be there to back up our guarantee. The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has seen its fair share of difficult times both national and globally, from world wars to a multitude of economic declines, and has remained strong and steady year after year, even while David’s Bridal – the largest wedding store in the world – declared bankruptcy in 2018. Choose the wedding gown cleaning and preservation company that has been trusted since 1913 by over 3,000,000 brides.

Our 100 Year Guarantee States:

Your gown has been professionally cleaned and preserved by our Certified Specialists.  In very rare instances, a gown will yellow over a period of time.  In the unlikely event this occurs, we would be happy to reprocess your gown at no additional charge.  Should we be unable to remove the yellow, your preservation cost will be refunded.  Beads and sequins are excluded.  Improper handling of the gown may cause damage and compromise the true preservation of your gown.  Store your gown in a cool, dry area.  Never store your gown in an attic or basement! 

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit Guarantee

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    The only online wedding dress cleaning and preservation service trusted by over 3 million brides and leading the way since 1913.

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    Every kit comes with absolutely FREE 2-way shipping for professional cleaning, preservation, and safe arrival back to your home.

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    Our advanced delicate fabric cleaning and preservation process & technology used on your gown is the same that is trusted by museums across the world.

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    We guarantee all our Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™ packages are the lowest price available both online and in stores.

  • 90 Day Returns

    Our "No Questions Asked" 90-day return policy makes our Wedding Gown Preservation Kit™ a great gift for a wedding or anniversary.