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10 Whimsical ZOOM Wedding Backgrounds for Your Virtual Wedding

10 Whimsical ZOOM Wedding Backgrounds for Your Virtual Wedding

Did your wedding get cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic but you'd still like to hold a virtual Zoom wedding for family and friends?  More couples are choosing to have smaller weddings this year and host a virtual Zoom wedding for all to attend that either couldn’t make it, or wanted to air on the side of caution.  We’ve gathered 10 whimsical wedding scenes for you to use as a backdrop for your virtual wedding.  Click the “Download” button to get the full resolution version for your Zoom wedding ceremony.

The Fanciful Fall Wedding

Did you dream of a brisk autumn wedding day adorned with pumpkins, vibrant fall leaves, and the smell of cinnamon in the air?  Plug in your favorite fall flavored Glade™ Plug-in and get ready to immerse yourself in this beautiful fall wedding background for your virtual Zoom wedding.

The Enchanted Evening Forest Wedding

Maybe the thought of a deep forest wedding complete with fireflies and a candlelit pathway is more your style.  This scene will transport you to an enchanted forest evening wedding, just after dusk.

The Majestic European Castle Wedding

Did your plans to get married overseas get postponed?  We’ve got your back with this Zoom wedding scene set in the regal lawn next to a seaside castle built for a princess… You!

The Secret Rainforest Waterfall Wedding

If your Hawaii wedding isn’t on the books this year, this scene from a deep rainforest waterfall will set the mood.  Complete with a natural, candlelit wedding arch for your perfect rainforest Zoom wedding.

The Perfect Oceanside Beach Wedding

What couple doesn’t want an ocean beachside wedding?  Probably one that doesn’t want their hair sideways in the wind and sand getting into every crevice of you and your wedding dress.  Avoid all that with this beachside wedding scene timed just before the sun sets.

The Beautiful Mountaintop Wedding

If you’re more of a country girl, this mountain top wedding scene for your virtual Zoom wedding is the perfect backdrop.  Just imagine a gentle breeze through the valley and the rustle of leaves all around you as you say “I do”.

The Tropical Tahitian Wedding

Blowing palm tree fronds, sand between your toes, and only the most important guests who loved you enough to make the trip, halfway around the world.  Now everyone can join your ceremony with this sandy, tropical wedding scene.

The Whimsical Fairytale Wedding

Ready to get treated like the princess you are?  Have your family wear their best ball gowns and tuxedos and join you for a whimsical fairytale wedding ceremony.

The Relaxing Lakeside Dock Wedding

The sound of water lapping the bottom of the dock and the distant hum of a motorboat is all you need to transport you to this dockside lakefront wedding. 

The Deep Forest Wedding

The sound of the wind in the trees overhead and walking barefoot down a petal laden path will take your Zoom wedding from your living room and into this hidden forest retreat.

Make the Best of Your Virtual Wedding!

While not ideal, you can still have plenty of fun with your virtual wedding.  Download sounds to play that transport your guests to your favorite scene and provide everyone with a themed cocktail to cheers you with.  The possibilities are endless!